Sports Rain Man: Pujols hits 700 HRs, State of  Major League Baseball and NY Jets Lose

Take this guy for instance...

EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Monday Everybody!  I won’t put it in today’s article but my joke that Buffalo is Alabama with a pro football team continues. My wife’s best friend is being induced and after a long message on FB, she ends with, “Go Bills!  The H.U.D. housing worker I am dealing with for a tenant ends here email with “Go Bills! I will keep you updated on my adventures as the season goes. Anyway, here are the topics for today: Pujols hits 700 HRs, State of  Major League Baseball and NY Jets Lose.

Pujols Hits 700 HRs

Albert Pujols finally got his 700th career home run. It is a big deal for a guy who has played as long as he has and been a two-team guy. He is essentially a St. Louis Cardinal guy that did a sabbatical in AL with the Anaheim Angles of Los Angeles from the Suburb of Anaheim in the County of Los Angeles. Now, I don’t hate Pujols but the fact that is his record was achieved while being a DH in the ALthen in the NL – thanks to the new rules. I just think that sullies it but then Baseball survived the PED era, along with strikes and lockouts, so it will continue. However, these kind of achievements won’t be as big a deal.

The State of Major League Baseball

Junoir Blaber: Jet Fan

A couple of things precipitated this section.
-Watching the Mets pull Max Scherzer after throwing a perfect 6 innings on 76 pitches and discussing it with Angry Ward and Ben Whitney.
-Watching Mets highlights and remembering that now it is a 4-pitcher rotation for the playoffs and not 3.
-The whole Pujols hitting 700 homers
Mugsy’s piece on Roberto Clemente Day.

I mean, what is going on with the game. Scherzer needs to go at least 7, if not the whole game… I would go back to a 3-man rotation. I want my ace to be the guy pitching in Game 4 and game 7, not Game 1 and 5 and then out the bullpen for 7. That makes no sense… Please end the DH in the NL while we are at it. I know I sound like an old dude but I just don’t think any of these changes improved the game. I would keep the new intentional walk rule of just telling the Ump, though. Besides that, “You kids get off my lawn!”

Jets Lose

The Jets should be 0-3. That win last week against the Browns was more on the Browns losing it than the J-E-T-S winning it. That was abundantly evident yesterday when we saw Gang Green’s offensive offense fail to score a touchdown. They managed 4 field goals but that was not enough against a Cincinnati offense that scored two touchdowns in the first quarter and three overall. The offense moved the ball ok but two interceptions by QB Joe Flacco hurt the drives and then not being able to score touchdowns against a high-powered attack will hurt you. The offense will continue to hold the Jets back until Wilson gets back and proves his worth and the offensive line continues to improve in its gelling and performance.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below. Come back tomorrow for Ben Whitney, who will recap tonight’s Giants’ loss to the Cowboys. Oh. Snap.

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