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BRONX, NY – It is a pretty exciting sports time in The City, with apologies to Greasy Ear-Gate suffering Mets’ fans. The Yankees have a white-knuckled, winner-take-all battle with the Guardians in the Bronx (after getting rained-out). The Giants and Jets are looking dangerously similar to what a playoff team might look like… I didn’t expect to be saying that for both teams at the same time for a couple of years, at least. The Rangers are looking strong early. And, if I’m not mistaken, there seems to be least some guarded optimism with the Knicks. Suddenly, there are lots of reasons for hope. Here is an Optimistic Rapid Fire New York Sports, coming at you.


I was critical of the Jordan Montgomery for Harrison Bader trade when Monty was dominating and Bader was in a walking boot. I’m starting to get it.

Speaking of good trades by Cashman, how about Mike Tauchman for Wandy Peralta? Of the few reliable relievers left standing in the Yankees’ decimated pen, Wandy was acquired for an outfielder who is currently playing for the Hanwha Eagles in the Korean League. I hate that team, and any team called Eagles. Expect to see Magic WANDy out there for a fourth straight game.

Aaron Boone made a big mistake in Game 3, leaving Cabrera in left field in the ninth. Either Hicks or Locastro would have caught that blooper that started the rally. But I think it’s a great move putting Cabrera at short in place of IKF. Kinera-Filafa has gotten some hits, but he’s had several costly misplays.


A pattern is emerging. They start slow, give up a lot of yards early, but don’t break. They have a promising TD drive in the first half that gets them back into the game and gives them hope. Then in the second half, they start to take over the game, play more aggressively on defense, Saquon had a few big plays, and they get the lead. And the defense finishes it.

The Giants’ remaining sched: @Jaguars, @Seahawks, Texans, Lions, @Cowboys, Eagles, Commanders, @Vikings, Colts, @Eagles. Half Nick Chubb was achieved just typing out those teams. The Giants are 5-1 and nine wins could very well get them into the playoffs. So, they might make the playoffs if they go 4-7 the rest of the way. Full Nick Chubb achieved!!

Who is the second best team in the NFC after the Eagles? The 5-1 Vikings? Ha. Maybe the Cowboys with Dak. It’s ugly out there and it’s all falling right for our G-Men so far.


It’s funny now that the Jets were criticized for trading up to get Breece Hall because Michael Carter looked good and they had other holes. Umm, it’s looking like a wise move. That guy is a beast with a nasty stiff arm.

Eli Moore is pissed that he’s not getting used, as none of the mere ten passes completed by Wilson went to him and he was not targeted at all.  This does seem like a mistake, with the way he played in a mid-season spurt last year. But come on guy, your team is a shocking 4-2. Zip it.

Don’t rock the boat Elijah.

The Jets’ sched: @Broncos, Patriots, Bills, @Patriots, Bears, @Vikings, Bills, Lions, Jaguars, @Seahawks, @Dolphins. Tougher sledding, with the Patriots regaining their Beli-mojo. But other than the second match-up against the Bills, the last seven look pretty winnable.

Have we considered the possibility that Mac Jones is not very good? #Zappehour.


The Rangers had 39, 35, 41 shots in their first three games going into Monday. Last year they won a lot of games with strong goal-tending and power play dominance. This year it looks like they will have a more sustained attack.

Kaapo Kakko and Alex Lafreniére are going to stay on the top two lines for the most part. They’re too good to only play third lines minutes again and both look stronger early.


The East is pretty tough, but with a reliable point guard and some solid young players, the Knicks feel like they should be able to at least contend for a play-in playoff spot.

Did Mac Jones just get Wally Pipp’d?

RJ Barrett needs to be the team’s scoring leader this year, not Julius Randle. I know Randle only beat Barrett by 0.1 point per game last year, but still. This has to be RJ’s team now.

Toppin needs to play more and make a leap.

That’s it for me. Time to suffer through this Yankees game. Let’s go Yankees. Come back tomorrow to suffer through Angry Ward. Follow us on Twitter at @BenWhit8, @MeetTheMatts, @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

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