Sorry Lindy, Dad Week, “See Ya” to Aaron deGrom & Jacob Judge

NEWARK, NJ – Yesterday was a sun-splashed, September-esque Saturday in the NYC tri-state area. It was a a feel good day and yours truly had the privilege of being with his siblings, helping out a cousin in need.  With that, two, if not three, of today’s topics piggy-back those good vibes. Here they are: Sorry Lindy, Dad Week, “See Ya” to Aaron deGrom & Jacob Judge.

Sorry Lindy

After serenading Head Coach Lindy Ruff with boos but a month ago, fans of the now 12-3 New Jersey Devils, simultaneously showed some collective humility and humanity, by eating crow and changing their tune. Literally, they changed their tune, that is. They went from booing and pardon-their-French type lyrics to… SORRY, LINDY!!! Considering the douchey, dicky (dickie?) world we live in, this is nothing short of stunning. Indeed, the only places you’d be likely to find this sort of mass decency lately would be in places like Canada or New Zealand. Well hold the phone, folks. You can now add Newark, NJ to that list, as per 20K angelic Devils’ fans.

The Ruff response to the boos and the newly added apologetic chorus was smooth as silk, ironically, and instantly puts him in my Man-Crush Cache. To wit, with a humble smile he said, “I accept the apology and maybe one day we can all sit down and have a beer and laugh about it.” Damn you and your enigmatic Devils, Lindy Cameron Ruff, we have to like you now!

Dad Week

Keeping our sticks on the ice… How ’bout them New York Hockey Rangers’s dads? Some of the pops are traveling with their sons/the team and it’s been pretty cool. The dads saw some big third period production in Detroit to make them undefeated as a group (1-0) but quickly got a taste of the “what have you done for me lately” cruelty of professional sports, dropping last night’s game in Nashville, 2-1. Calls to substantiate rumors that spankings and extra chores were being doled out as punishment have not been returned. Getting a peek into the family dynamic is always entertaining and one quick summation is that Adam Fox is NOTHING like his dad but Mika Zibanejad’s pop should be suspicious of the milkman.

Aaron deGrom & Jacob Judge

There will be a generation of Yankees and Mets fans that will have nothing but a convoluted memory of these to players, to the point of muddling/conflating their names. There are two chances that these two return to NY: Slim and None.. and Slim’s on the golf course. [Ba. Doom. Cha.] Maybe Jake Aaron Judge comes back, although yesterday’s Hal Steinbrenner soundbite didn’t exactly overwhelm the lip-service meter. Meanwhile, Aaron Jacob deGrom is all but gone. You don’t opt out of over $30,0000,000.00 for each of the next two years, after pitching half a season in the previous two, if you want to stay. He ain’t lookin’ to give Mets fans the full monty. He just wants the full money. Good riddance, Atlanta Jake. Give our regards to the Frisco Kid, Aaron deGrom.

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