Sports Rain Man: Jets Beat Bills, Astros Win World Series, Brooklyn Nets Drama

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Monday, everybody! I am skipping our weekly Small Town Market Watch today, as I am annoyed that with the Giants on a bye, I have to find something else to talk about. With that, here are the topics du jour: Jets Beat Bills, Astros Win World Series, Brooklyn Nets Drama.


The Jets have a really good defense. Last season they were the worst in the NFL but the young players got their reps and found their feet: Michael Carter II (the DB Carter) learned by getting beat. John Franklin Myers came to the front as a pass rusher. Quinnen Williams grew into his role. Adding a healthy Carl Lawson and CJ Mosley and newbies Sauce Gardner and DJ Reed to develop the best cornerback duo in league. What does it all mean? It means the offense can score 20 points and the team can beat Buffalo. The defense is that good. Gang Green only need 17-23 points to win this year. Da Bills offense – the one I thought had found their running game – was shut down by Jets. And It was the Jets that bounced back with 150 yards – led by Michael Carter (the RB Carter) (13 carries), James Robinson (12 carries) and Ty Johnson (2 carries). Zach Wilson also ran well when he had to, but more importantly he made smart throws and avoided interceptions. Buffalo’s running game was shut down – except for QB Josh Allen,  who ran for a 36 yd TD and 1 yard TD.  When he tried to throw, though, the home team countered with pressure (5 sacks) and great secondary play (2 interceptions). The end result was the Jets won 20-17 and held serve at home. Now, they have to do it on the road.

Astros Win World Series… Again

Junoir Blaber: Jet Fan

The Houston Astros completed the rare double in American sports. They were the team with the best regular season record (the Dodgers had the best record, as per Ben Whitney) and they went out and won the playoffs. I am happy to see Dusty Baker win a World Series trophy. I have always said Baker is one of the best managers for a veteran squad and this year he proved his talent all season long and in the playoffs. The series was even exciting, with plenty of back and forth. The Stros gave up 5 home runs to the Phillies in one game, only to throw a combined shutout the next. The main thing determining factor, though, is just how deep the Astros were in terms of contributors. Everyone had a role and everyone had something to chip in. It is a basic formula but when it works as it should, it is a beautiful thing to watch.


What in the name of Biggie Smalls is going on at the Barclays Center?! This team is the worst built team in the NBA big three era. The Nets were building nicely and with young players then Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant both became available. That is when things went south. Durant is supper talented but he has no ambition to lead a locker room like MJ or even Pippen. He is much happier being a Rodman/Grant kind of guy. Irving has no problem trying to lead but he believes the Earth is flat and Jews are up to no good. No one knows how to get to him. The team chemistry is zero. Then at the NBA Trade Deadline last season, they traded for the extremely mental fragile and enigma, Ben Simmons. Simmons was hurt when they got him and has been hurt for most of the start to this season. The front office thought the team would react by firing 3rd year coach Steve Nash. Nash responded by doing Tik Tok dances videos celebrating his freedom. Brooklyn thought they had the next Steve Kerr in Nash, a former player with no head coaching experience that had enough instinct to be a great coach. So with that idea out the window, they are reportedly looking to sign Ime Udoka (currently suspended for having an in-office, extramarital affair). Just the kind of character you want to change the culture in that locker room! They deserve the hell they get.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below. Come back tomorrow for Ben Whitney, who will have to take comfort in the fact that the Jints didn’t lose.

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