2022: Bargain Player of the Year, Bargained For and Worst Deal

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NEWPORT, RI – There is absolutely nothing better than a beach vacation in the dead of a Northeast winter. With inflation, however, who can afford one?! Throw in a dog that the wife insists (okay, I insist) comes along and the price skyrockets. But wait! Nobody said in the fine print that said beach vacay had to be where the weather is warm! A beach is a beach, after all. Thus, for $129/night for a pet-friendly, 1-bedroom apartment with a full kitchen, smack dab in Newport’s historic downtown, the our trio is beach-bound for New Year’s Eve! NOTE: The price was much cheaper by calling the place directly and avoiding the various travel site mark-up for things like Cleaning Fees and Service Fees that had the same room at $249 each night. It took an extra 10 minutes to get this relative bargain. And that word – bargain – is the impetus for today’s talking points: 2022 Year In Sports: Bargain, Bargained For and Worst Deals

Bargain Player of the Year

There were some great bargain-priced players in 2022. Geno Smith was the front-runner but his team collapsed.  Chris Bassitt, who was no Mutt on the mound for the Mets. Bassitt was a bulldog out there, eating innings and barking at umpires in feisty fashion. Yet, it is his teammate Pete Alonso, aka The Polar Bear – who needs to be at the top of the list. More so, one could argue, than even Aaron Judge. Why? Because Judge is a Stank and I hate the Stankees. Back to Pete… If  Mister #LFGM continues his year-to-year improvement, he’ll be the Bargain Player of the Year again in 2023. Daniel Jones gets Honorable Mention here.

Bargained For

This category actually has two sub-categories. Let’s get to them.

1) Bargained For: Aaron Judge (that guy again) go more – much, much, more than he bargained for – by betting on himself. He did this despite any real protection around him in a surprisingly anemic Yankees lineup. Further, he carried his team despite GM Brian Cashman sticking needles in a Judge effigy (that’s a doll, for you muppets), hoping for an injury or sh!tty season out his now VERY RICH captain.

2) Not Bargained For: Cashman could be King Brian The Frugal in this sub-category but it should go to all Jets fans, re Zach Wilson. After allowing the organization to ruin Sam Darnold, Gang Green’s ownership allowed management to absolutely destroy Wilson, too. It’s downright criminal, regardless whether you think MILF-hunter Wilson is a jerkball or not… On the flip-side of this sub-cat, Brooklyn Nets fans in NO WAY bargained for this kind of success from what was Team Turmoil (TM). What a difference a coach makes.

Worst Deal

One man’s trash is another man’s garbage (TM). That’s the new proverb as per Trevor Bauer, who had his suspension reduced by an arbitrator. The Dodgers have until January 6th to decide what to do with Ironically, he could turn out to be the Bargain of 2023, if Alonso falters.

With that, we’re off to the harbor. Enjoy yourselves this weekend. Don’t drink to the barfing-point and don’t blow off any fingers lighting fireworks.


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