Sports Rain Man: World Cup Final, Bills Win, Jets Lose & Goodbye to a Friend

Hayden James, Kayvon Thibodeaux, Zach Wilson.
Hayden James, Kayvon Thibodeaux & Zach Wilson.

EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHello and welcome to Monday. It was a Sunday that put things in perspective for me. There is a lot to talk about. Football/futbol, American Football and a little rugby football. With that, here’s the menu du jour: World Cup Final, Bills Win, Jets Lose & Goodbye to a Friend.

Football/Futbol World Cup Final

The World Cup was true cinema. This World Cup was the most corrupt – in it being awarded to Qatar. The reffing was horrible; they allowed many red card fouls to happen. I think we only saw a red card for celebration. It was clearly tilted in the favor of Argentina. However, all of that aside, the final was the most entertaining final ever. Argentina got their mandatory penalty kick to score first. You may think that is me just hating, but the Argies got more PKs than any other team in WC history. In 5 of thier 7 games they got awarded a PK. They extended their lead on the counter, as France stretched to force an equalizer. It was 2-0 until the 80th minute when France won a penalty and converted. Barely 2 minutes later, France scored again.

The French had the momentum but couldn’t get the winning goal. In Extra Time – Overtime for novices – Argentina scored in the 109th minute and only had to hold the lead for 10 minutes, but… France capitalized on a penalty kick with 2 minutes left to tie it again. Since things couldn’t be decided in OT, so it went to the dreaded Penalty Kick Shootout. Argentina won 4-2 and are winners of the most expensive and arguably most corrupt World Cup ever.

Junior Blaber,

Bills Win

The Buffalo Football Bills had to leave it late against the Dolphins in a snow-covered Orchard Park.  The Bills were up early but Miami fought their way back in with some big plays. It was in the 4th quater when the home team came up big on defense to get the ball one final time. Josh Allen did what he has done all season when the team wins, and that was to make the big throws when they were needed and he did that. He used the weapons he has and got the team down in field goal range. The kick sailed through the uprights and the Bills won to hold onto the lead as the top team in the AFC.

Jets Lose to Lions

Mike White or Zach Wilson? That question is starting to become irrelevant. The Jets have now lost 4 of 5. Wilson started for an injured White, and though his stats looked better  – it wasn’t good enough. The Jets lost 20-17 and that is important because the defense should only be on the hook for 10 points. 7 came from bad punt coverage again, as Gang Green was kicking from deep in their half. The other 3 points were the result of great work, as the Jets had to stop the Lions from 15 yards out after a Wilson interception.

The killer was that the touchdown came from a 4th and 1 at the 50, with 2 minutes left in the game. On the day, Wilson threw for an interception and 2 touchdowns, in what can be seen as a confidence-building performance. On the final drive he took sacks that you can’t afford during the 2 minute drill. It left the Jets trying to make a 58-yard field goal to tie the game. Greg Zuerlein is called Legatron, but that distance in December in Jersey was a bit too much.

Making the playoffs in Saleh’s second season was a big time hope but it is looking less and less likely. Three teams that they are battling lost, however. There’s still a shot but the Jets are at 7-7, along with the Pats, while the Dolphins and Chargers are at 8-6. So close yet so far.

Goodbye to a Friend

The New York City Area Rugby Community is a small well-knit community. Some people stand out for different reasons. Talent, influence and personality are big reasons. Hayden James had all of those things. He was a mountain of man and a gentle giant. I remember walking up to him first time. I saw him because I walk to greet every black rugby player I meet – there not that many of us, so I am always curious… He was a happy, jovial man who didn’t take much of life seriously. I was shocked and saddened to get a text from Short Matt that he was in hospice care. After getting all wrapped up in the World Cup, it was a sobering dose of reality when I the next text from Matt saying Hayden passed.

I don’t know what else to write, as it leaves me numb, but if any of you can spare a few bucks please give to his Go Fund Me campaign to help pay off some of his bills. .

Farewell friend, stay low, keep pumping those legs and I will scrum with you on the other side.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below. Check out the aforementioned Ben Whitney, who will fill you in on the Giants big win, as the game was stilling going on past my bedtime – but what a game Kayvon Thibodeaux had!.

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