2022: What To Be Thankful For as A New York Sports Fan

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New York Sports: Nobody cares about the Devils & Jack Hughes!

SPANISH HARLEM – The New Year is right around the corner and before you know it, 2023 will be here.  Before we get there, I will give my opinion re: 2022: What To Be Thankful For as A New York Sports Fan. Apologies to the NHL fans around the country but I don’t know enough about that sport to really touch on it. Feel free to add anything in the  comments below for the Nets, Rangers and Islanders – but not the Devils. Nobody cares about New Jersey.

New York Yankees

Aaron Judge has to be on the top of the list if you’re a Yankees fan. He broke the American League record for home runs and almost hit for the Triple Crown. When the team was doing its best to choke in 2022, Judge played his best ball. Add the contract bringing him back and the Captaincy and he will be the face of the Yankees for the foreseeable future. To think there was time when everybody thought he signed with the San Francisco Giants is funny now. It wasn’t then.

New York Mets

Come on now, it’s Steve Fu***ng Cohen. There is no way in the world it’s not him, can’t be. There is not one Met fan I know saying “Hey, that Cohen guy is spending too much money!” Honestly, you would be crazy not to love him.

New York Knicks

Buddy Diaz

The Knicks have not had a decent point guard since Jason Kidd, who only played with them one season. The wait looks to be over. Hands down, Jalen Brunson has shown he is up to the task.  He isn’t flashy or among the most exciting players in the league but he is good, All-Star level good, and that’s something to be thankful for.

New York Giants

Brian Daboll has put a Giants team, who many believed to be among the worst in the league, in a position to make the playoffs. That is what good coaches do. They take the talent around them and make the players better. Danny Dimes has looked the best he ever has and that totally is attributed to Daboll. It very easy to the impact he had made on that team in year 1.

New York Jets

It won’t be the quarterbacks, that’s for sure. BUT… you have a talented group of players on both sides of the ball that you can grow into a play0ff-team sooner than later. There are some really good young players that you can be excited about and while the quarterback situation is currently ugly, the right guy can help this team contend immediately.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Cameron James.

Enjoy your Holidays and stay safe out there.

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