Dodgers Dump “Free Agent” Trevor Bauer, Jets Joe Flacco Farce, Major League Rugby VI

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Zach Wilson: "Hey Joe Flacco, you think Trevor Bauer has any dating tips?"

NEW YORK, NY – With Different Matt still nursing his 2023 hangover, or creating a new one, yours truly has the honor of stepping in today. And since you’re attention span is fleeting, at best, let’s get to the talking points: Dodgers Dump Trevor Bauer, Jets Joe Flacco Farce, Major League Rugby VI

Dodgers Dump Trevor Bauer

$22, 500,000.00 is not exactly chump change, yet a chump is what the Dodgers deemed Trevor Bauer to be. That’s what their eating of just north of 22 million dollars declared when they announced they were cutting the talented hurler loose. So what now for the beleaguered Bauer? This all means he is a free agent. Historically, MLB bedfellows have certainly surprised over the years. Hey, Babe Ruth went from the Red Sox to the Yankees. So did Wade Boggs, Roger Clemens and Johnny Damon. Bauer burned the Mets and Steve Cohen a year and half ago, but it’s not crazy to envision the free agent pitcher in Flushing… or the Bronx. After all, you can never have too much pitching. It will be interesting to see which owners ‘whores-up” and signs the tainted mound-taker. [Ahem]

Jets Joe Flacco Farce

In case you missed it, Joe Flacco is starting at QB this week for the J-E-T-S. As a Giants fan looking at the Jets, I sort of get how Yankees fans look at the Mets: as an amusing disaster. How the flacco is Robert Saleh not starting Zach Wilson? The game means nothing, but the off-season will mean everything, particularly when it comes down to the QB position.  Apparently, even the NUMBER TWO PICK IN THE NFL DRAFT can’t zing his mom’s friends and get a garbage time start. Here’s what we know from all of this: Saleh sucks and Derek Carr will be the next shipth-the-bed Jets’ signal caller. Oy vey, what a farce!

Major League Rugby VI

Look, I know some of you out there still think rugby is “the game with the sticks.” It ain’t. It’s 80 minutes of non-stop action. Tackling, big hits and blood. No pads, either. The sixth season of Major League Rugby kicks off on February 17th. The Chicago Hounds join 11 other existing teams and basically landed themselves an All-Star team in the draft. They’re like the Las Vegas Knights of rugby… Anyway, the Rugby New York Ironworkers are the the returning champs and now have a new home at Memorial Stadium in Mt.Vernon/Pelham. Yours humbly has been in the MLR lab since it’s embryonic stages, and since Saturday is a Rugby Day, here’s this week’s MLR Weekly.

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