Will MLB Kowtow to Woke America?

NFL Playoffs be damned! Woke America & Rob Manfred are ruining MLB!

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NEW YORK, NY – When I opened up last Thursdays N.Y. Post,I read the following statement, “The University of Southern California’s school of social work will no longer use the word field in its curriculum, saying it may have racist connotations.” Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work said the change was critical to support anti-racist social work and inclusivity. Will Major League Baseball follow suit, kowtow and make even more changes to this once great game?

The whole nation seems to be falling apart because of a few dingbats who nitpick on anything and everything. Instead of telling these morons to get a life, our leaders bow down to their intimidating tactics. It’s only a matter of time before the complaints start on why is a baseball white? Why is the game even called “baseball,” which touches along the lines of cocaine – talking about lines ? Will the white lines that make up the foul lines eventually be a thing of the past?

The word foul will be changed, being that it’s too offensive. Remember the Disabled List turned into the Injured List. The new generation will also campaign to rid of the term suicide squeeze. Even the safety squeeze will be changed because the squeeze word will be considered too sexual.

Aristostle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

The leader of America’s Pastime will bend over for these idiots when they complain about the stolen base. They’ll cry that it glorifies crime. Add the word designated hitter as being negative and expect the position to be called extra hitter.

It’s bad enough that Analytics has ruined this game that was supposed to have been catering to the youths, as promised by this commissioner once upon a time ago. Will he bow down even further and eliminate the word field from every ballpark? Even the word hustle will seem to offend this new Woke America.

Betting is okay. So are bigger bases in 2023. The fans who attend the games are now referred to as “guests.” Those guests are more like suckers, the way they let their team take every dollar out of their pockets. MLB needs to pick up their baseball bats and swat away these woke dingbats, who are trying to change the culture of this once great country.

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