Carlos Correa’s Cheatin’ Iggles, NFL Playoffs Predictions

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Shake-n-Jake Elliot, Trevor Lawrence & your NFL Playoffs!

PHILADELPHIA, PA – With MLB Hot Stove talk now reduced to a back-burner simmer, the NBA and NHL still too far away from playoff chatter, and Major League Rugby still 4 weeks from kicking off, most eyes are on the National Football League and the NFL Playoffs. Most eyes. Not mine. Not fully, anyway. With that, here are today’s topics: Carlos Correa’s Cheatin’ Iggles, NFL Playoffs Predictions

Carlos Correa’s Cheatin’ Eagles

In no way is Carlos Correa involved in the Philthydelphia Iggles scandalous attempt to steal games. Correa did that with the Astros, not the Iggles. Rumor has it he’ll be using his chattering teeth in Minnesota to do so while serving out his Twins‘ sentence. But again, we don’t think he is connected to Eagles kicker Jake Elliott skirting the rules with some plastic white gizmo/marker. Tsk, tsk, Jake. Maybe you should focus on getting a last name, and not some ridiculously minuscule edge in the kicking game. Wanna bet your teammates would rather have a literal hole in the head? The last thing they need is the phuckin kicker drawing them negative press. Maybe, just maybe, Joliet Jake just handed the New York Football Giants the needed psychological boost to take down your heavily favored squad. After all, cheaters never prosper… Wait, Carlos Correa and Houston did. So did the Red Sox, Patriots and Bobby Thompson’s Giants (the baseball version).

NFL Playoffs Predictions

Eagles vs Giants

Last week, I chose my head over my heart with the Vikings vs Giants. This week it’s the heart over the head. The Jints will beat the significantly better-on-paper Eagles. Why? Because of momentum vs rust. Philly had the week off, while the Giants blooded key players in their first playoffs’ win. If they can bang a banged-up Jalen Hurts around, they can win.

Bills vs Cincy

Both teams sucked last week, yet won. That will not be the case this week, which should be an epic battle. The edge goes to the home team. Da Bills by three over Da Bengals. The winner of this one should be the Super Bowl favorites.

49ers Cowboys

I don’t like snarky Kyle Shanahan, Frisco’s head coach. Yet, I HATE the Cowboys. Moreover, our own Cheesy Bruin and Grinding Ax Walt will be insufferable if “their ‘Boys” win. San Fran by 8.

Pat Mahomes: Mets fan

KC vs Jacksonville

Trevor Lawrence is growing on me. He’s not douchey/immature like Zach Wilson or Mac Jones. But there is this guy named Pat Mahomes in this game. He’s been around forever it seems, yet is only 27 years-old. Think about that and what he’s accomplished. Herm Edwards would never have had to say “Act like it!” to this guy, either. Class act, top QB and a Mets fan. You do the math. Chefs Chiefs by 9. Great googly moogly.

That’s all I have in the chamber. Please feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for can’t-miss-this content from Cam James!



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