Tigers Trigger Mets Panic, NJ Devils Don’t Exist, George Santos Let The Dogs Out

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Is George Santos a NJ Devil? Barry Beck may know.

NEW YORK, NY – There’s a lot going on in the sports world, almost too much. Blasphemy to say that, I know. Yet, we can’t cover it all in one succinctly sensational column, so let’s pick a few things and touch upon them. We’ll skip the Knicks run in the NBA Playoffs right now because RJ Barrett is absolutely killing them/me/us… Thus, here’s what we will be discussing: Tigers Trigger Mets Panic, NJ Devils Don’t Exist, George Santos Let The Dogs Out

Tigers Trigger Mets Panic

In normal times as a New York Mets fan, yours truly would have been pushing the panic by the minute Justin Verlander went to the injured list. I would have been standing on a figurative ledge when Max Scherzer joined him there. After watching them get swept by the toothless Tigers of Detroit, I likely would have forward into that familiar pit of met despair. Especially after seeing Scherzer come back and get shellacked by a AAA team. But I don’t feel any of this because of one person – no not George Santos (more on him later). – He is not the owner of the team, despite what he may say or believe. No, the person that gives me the confidence that the ship will be righted is Uncle Stevie Cohen. Come Hell or high water. He wants to win. He is a fan. He is also filthy stinking rich. And that my fellow met fans friends, is what you need to embrace and enjoy. The New York Mets will be in the playoffs. You heard it here first.

NJ Devils Don’t Exist

The New Jersey Devils are in the second round of the NHL Playoffs and I don’t give a s**t. Why? Because anybody that is my age should never be rooting for the devils. The New York Rangers and New York Islanders were already here. The only wrong choice you could have made back then was to root for the Islanders, a wrong choice to this day. The New Jersey Devils were the Colorado Rockies – not the ones that play on the baseball diamond. To root for a sh**y, unwanted franchise from Colorado, one that chose the worst name in NYC sports history, was a huge mistake. In fact that “Devils” choice put them immediately ahead of the Islanders on the Really Bad Choice of Teams to Root For List. You are not a hockey fan if you picked the Devils when they moved here. End of story. The New Jersey Devils don’t exist in my world, nor should they in yours.

George Santos Let The Dogs Out

The question asked by the Baha Men has at last been answered. It was the aforementioned George Santos. Cue to about the 20 minute mark of this week’s The Rugby Odds, with WWE Hall of Famer John Bradshaw Layfield and you’ll see how it came about. And yes, there is an element of a shameless plug in this. Cut me some slack, I’m sick.

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