Aaron Boone Contract Extension, One Score Wins You a World Cup, Jets Achilles Knee

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NEW YORK, NY – It’s been a spectacular, sun-splashed Sunday here in NYC. A great time to get out, go for a hike or bike ride… or sit on the couch on watch the red-hot NY Mets! The only thing that may keep them from catching the Stanks in the Wooden Soon Trophy race is… Cookie Carrasco, who has absolutely crumbled this year. But hey, we’re not talking Mets today. We’re talkin’: Aaron Boone Contract Extension, One Score Wins You a World Cup, Jets Achilles Knee

Aaron Boone Contract Extension

This is the headline EVERY fan that hates the Yankees wants to see. We (I am part of this group) want nothing more than seeing Give ‘Em Hell Hal Steinbrenner telling Brian “Little Finger” Cashman to extend Spock Ears Boonie.

One Score Wins You a World Cup

Team USA got kicked aside early, stunning the world. Granted, getting the boot has made for a publicity nightmare after the team’stand on equal pay. On the bright side, it also opened the door of opportunity for likes of Spain, who beat England. That makes me happy. Hearing England lost in ANYTHING is like hearing the Yankees lost. I love it.  This headline on The Athletic’s website simultaneously cracked me up and summed up soccer [for a non-fan]:

How Spain beat England to win the 2023 Women’s World Cup

[Hand raised, waving to be called on]

I know, I know!!! They scored a facking goal!


Sorry, but that’s why soccer sucks, folks. And why the fans fight all the time.

Jets Achilles Knee

No, this isn’t another Mekhi Becton update, who is basically teh J-E-T-S‘ vs of Godot. The difference between Becton and Beckett’s Godot, however, is that that the characters on the Gang Green side aren’t counting on Becton to show up at this point. (One decent appearance vs Tampa Bay in a preseason game a career does not make).  His lame (in all senses of the word) lingering puts the spotlight on the injury to rookie center/guard Joe Tippman. The 2nd round pick has played well, getting time under center with the A-side. The last thing Aaron Rodgers’ rode to the Super Bowl needed was another injury to an already paper-thin offensive line. This smells a lot like the Mets’ DH situation. Just sayin’…

That’s all for today. Feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for the only pundit that didn’t go on vacation last week, Junoir Blaber!

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