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Mets new Pres David Stearns & WWE legend Paul Heyman.

HOLBROOK, NY –  To quote/paraphrase the famous Paul Heyman, “My name is Jackson Sternberg and I am the son of Fake Sandy Alderson!” Much like Mr. Heyman,  I am also a part of a Legendary sports family. With my father being Alan Sternberg, (aka Fake Sandy Alderson, when I was just 13 years old i was writing subpar columns for Meet The Matts now, 22 I feel like I’ve worked on my craft and gotten somewhat competent,  (only a little bit though, I cannot stress that enough) I am not to sure what my role at Meet The Matts will be just yet, but I wanted to chime in and give my thoughts on some current events… and by that I mean the New York Mets and New York Football Giants

The New York Mets

Jackson Sternberg

Where do I begin? A few days ago it was announced that my beloved metros have hired David Stearns as President of Baseball Operations. Formally of the Milwaukee Brewers, Stearns is a bright young mind in the baseball industry. He is someone the Mets have had their eyes on for many years.  it remains to be seen just what sterns will be able to do, but with the biggest payroll in sports, anything and everything is possible.

New York Football Giants

Moving on to another beloved sports team of mine , the New York Giants got flat-out punked by the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night. That’s really all I can say on the matter. “On to Arizona,” as Bill Belichick would say..

With that, I’ve taken up enough of your time for today. Until next time, Fake Sandy’s youngest son, logging off. 

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