Big Ben Tuesday: Ghosts of QBs Past, Present and Future, Florida State Gets Boned

Joe Flacco is no Mike White!

STAMFORD, CT – It’s the Holiday Season folks! To get in the spirit, I like to kick off the season with It’s a Wonderful Life. The 1946 classic serves as a great reminder to try become the guy everyone wants to help, with no questions asked. As long as you fast forward through the child abuse and racial stereotyping, it never disappoints. Next up, I’m thinking of going with A Christmas Carol. Well, we saw some ghostly QB play in the NFL this week [clunky segue alert], which got me thinking about the Past, Present and Future of the QB position.

Ghosts of QBs Past

You know your season has gone wildly afoul when you’re dusting off Joe Flacco to start in a key game. It went about as expected, with Flacco making some decent throws when given time, but not doing enough to win.

The Jets options are so bad, they went with Trevor Siemian, who reminded us that experienced does not always mean better. It’s clear now why the Jets stuck with Zach Wilson for so long – he gives them the best chance to win, somehow. But he doesn’t want to play this week. Oh, you miss my 45% completion percentage now, eh?

Mercifully, Aaron Rodgers won’t play this season. And while it was obviously the right decision, I do think there might have been some upside. Let’s say he played the last two games and the offense looked great. Breece didn’t have to face stacked boxes, Garrett Wilson wasn’t trying to catch hospital passes four feet over his head, and Nate Hackett looked competent again. At least the Jets would feel better about adding pieces to give it a go next season. Now they’re stuck in between and have to be thinking about life after Aaron, at least in part, and also trying to be decent next season.

Ghosts of QBs Present

We saw some horrendous QB play on Sunday from the likes of the Patriots, Steelers, Jets, and Falcons, to name a few. Simply putrid. It’s like a potential Biden vs Trump election matchup. Are these guys really the best candidates we can find for the job?

On the plus side, Tua Tagovailoa has stayed healthy and is putting up a monster season. I’m pretty sure Uncle Rico could have a decent QBR throwing it to Tyreek, but still, he’s been great. I don’t think I’m all in on the Dolphins just yet, but they’re currently the top seed in the suddenly wide open AFC.

When intact, the 49ers have been unbeatable. If they go into the playoffs healthy, they are going to be hard to beat. Brock Purdy sure landed in a great spot, but he runs that offense well. It’s funny how he seems to get penalized for having great talent around him. But other QBs having great years, like Tua and Hurts, have plenty of talent around them as well and don’t seem to get the same treatment. The Niners are the current betting favorite to win it all.

After an uneven first five games, Dak Prescott has been dominant. I think the Cowboys might be better than the Eagles. Though the Eagles still have the edge for the top seed as their schedule is pretty easy, including two against Tommy Cutlets and the Giants. The Cowboys and Eagles will battle it out on Sunday night in a huge game for both teams. Don’t sleep on the ‘Boys.

Ghosts of QBs Future

Jordan Love seems to have turned the corner in Green Bay. A few years as a pupil behind Rodgers and an offensive-minded wunderkind head coach sure help with development. Matt LaFleur has an insane 16-0 record in December. And with the Giants, Bucs, Panthers, and Vikings on the upcoming December docket, he has a chance to stay undefeated in the month for at least another year. Love has a young and talented group of receivers and has played well of late. Don’t look now but the Packers are in the last playoff spot.

CJ Stroud pulled out another victory, in spite of top target Tank Dell going down early. Stroud is the real deal and has led the upstart Texans to a 7-5 record and a tiebreaker away from a playoff spot. With the flawed Browns, Colts, and Steelers holding down the Wild Cards, the Texans have a decent shot to get in. I didn’t see that coming. They’ll  get a free win from the dysfunctional Jets next week. CJ can take it easy and shouldn’t need to do that much.

Florida State Got Funked

Switching gears briefly, I’d like to note that Florida State got bent over. If you’re a power five conference champion and undefeated, you’re in. No question. But the Committee punished them for QB injuries, thinking they would get waxed by Michigan with a third string QB. Sorry Seminoles, but you don’t make for as good TV as Saban vs Harbaugh. That’s not how it’s supposed to work.

That’s all for me. Come back tomorrow for Mr. Ebeneezer Angry Ward Potter.

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