Mets and Sandy Alderson Bad for MLB, Is P Diddy New Trump?

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NEW YORK, NY – It’s always great when MTM Management fails to pass along the memo that the inimitable DJ Eberle is on a Buffalo Bills Walkabout and therefore will not be gracing these pages today with a haplessly hope-filled Hawt Taykes (Hot Takes as it’s pronounced from Albany to Buffalo). Moreover, as yours truly is this web stop’s D.E.P. (Default Emergency Pundit), not to mention whipping boy for a non-compliant @Angry_Ward and rogue @GrindingAxWalt, we – you and me – get to spin some select sports yarns together this fine autumn Monday. The topics? Let’s cut and paste our SEO-friendly headline for that: Mets and Sandy Alderson Bad for MLB, Is P Diddy New Trump?

Trump, P_Diddy, Sandy_Alderson, Meet_The_Matts
P. Diddy, The Donald and their friend “Sandy.”

Mets Bad for MLB:
There was fur a-flyin’ and claws asunder this weekend after Marc Carig of Newsday, whom has apparently risen from the dead or at the very least awakened from a 7-year coma, took on Mets ownership. His article= was then summarized and commented on by our friends at MetsMerizedOnLine. That’s where we stepped into the Fans of Flushing Feline Fight. Aside from rousing fist-thumping anger from Metsonians on both sides of the aisle by over-stating the obvious years after the fact, the comment section shows this nation is still hurting and severely divided… 0r at least conned. Shockingly, there is still a HUGE pro-Sandy Alderson segment in our society. If only the late/great Big Al Sternberg/Fake Sandy Alderson were here to invoke Thomas Paine and convert them with a modern dose of Common Sense. This rift in a fan-base is not good for anyone, especially Major League Baseball. A big-market team that owns its own network AND a new ballpark (still-under-construction actually; they are still undoing Jeff Wilpon’s tweaks of the original plans), should be raking in cash, building its brand nationally – if not globally – and winning more than losing. That ain’t happening. Under the league-appointed Alderson, the Mets have 2 winning seasons in 7. That is awful for everyone, especially Corporate.

P Diddy as New Trump:
If you haven’t heard by now, Sean Combs took to the airwaves Trump-style, with a self-shot video in the wee hours that spurred the following thoughts:
A) States he will be the best NFL owner and win Super Bowl after Super Bowl.
B) Bring in Colin Kaepernick to compete for the starting QB job, endearing him to incumbent signal-caller Cam Newton.
C) Says he’ll have the best Super Bowl shows. Buying the Carolina Panthers from another Sex-Gate Guy, Jerry Richardson, apparently makes you that show’s producer. Ironically, his nearly unwatchable video (we’ll watch anything, so save your criticism) below demonstrates a remarkable lack of production value, lamely boring content and a failed attempt at the Kardashians go-to bit about the aftermath of a facial being interesting.
D) Aside from the A, B & C, his use of personal pronouns I and Me are taken right from the Trump/Washingon General’s playbook. Why are these guys not more in tune with how douchey they sound to us poor folks?

Hold on to your hats, Ladies and Gentlemen… this WILL get more interesting. (If if hat any legs other than a late-night tweet). And can’t you just feel the phone in the hands of would-be accusers of Combs of some kind of misconduct? Jerry Jones with an attempt at a women’s voice, perhaps? You know the owners don’t want the kid from Harlem at that their parties.

Finally, what are we left with?

A New Drinking Game: Anytime Donald J. Trump or Sean “Diddy” Combs says I or me, you drink a predetermined amount. For those not of age, you must chug 8 oz of water each time.

That’s all for now. Please comment below and come back tomorrow for a man that could dive into a pile of nipples and come out sucking his thumb,  Ben Whitney… You can also find us on Twitter @MeetTheMatts and @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram at @meetthematts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

P.s… Here’s the most succinct depiction (and new favorite handle) of the current Mets administration we’ve seen since our man Al Sternberg left us for the Diamond Club in the Sky. It was in the comment section of the MetsMerizedOnLine piece:

If Sandy were any other GM, I’d give him a pass.
But his whole claim to fame was being able to build a winning franchise on a shoe-string budget ( something he NEVER did in Oakland ) , being able to churn out great players from the minors ( something he did up until 1988 in Oakland), and being able to find gems that other GM’s cant find ( something he did up until 1988 in Oakland )
folks were excited over Sandy b/c he was the GM that drafted Canseco, McGuire, GIambi, Weiss, Lansford and found Dave Stewart, Bob Welch and Dennis Eckersly.and we saw Billy Beane’s success in Oakland thought well…
Sandy is his mentor, surely Sandy can replicate that here in NY…
Beane had a perennial contender on a 43mil budget.
Sandy =/= Beane
Sandy =/= Theo
Sandy =/= Friedman
Sandy was essentially a beancounter sent by the league to make sure the Mets didnt fold.
Had he inherited a staff that did not include RA Dickey, Harvey, Degrom, Familia and Matz, Mets would be looking at 9 straight years of sub .500 ball vs 7 out of the last 9 seasons under .500
At this point, I really dont get the religious devotion to him. He’s going to be gone one day, and we’re all going to unite behind whoever comes after him.
That day cant come soon enough

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