CINCINNATI OH – That’s right. He should be. No questions asked. He was one of the Top Five Players To Ever Play The Game. All the hits, all the wins, all the dives into the dirt that sacrificed his face, torso, lats, gluts, pecks and ceps notwithstanding, Charlie Hustle was first guy we’d pick to be on our sandlot team. He did everything well and executed every play as though he’d be executed for not executing. If you think differently, then you are just silly. Even sillier than us even and sillier than most of the attendees at the 2nd MTM Writer’s Summit BBQ last night at the MTM Carbon Footprint Studio in Hell’s Pantry. Cookie ran the show, by the way. Anyway…

Conspicuously absent: Tall Matt, Replacement Matt, Different Matt, West Coast Craig, Dr. Diz, Sam’s-A-Fan and Jillian Brooks.
Conspicuously present: Angry Ward, Cookie, Grote2DMax, Junior Blaber, Mickey The Web Designer, Short Matt, 1st Replacement Matt, Ed Kranemule, The Temple, Trevor Cassidy and Johnathan Wicklow Barberie of Rugby Wrap-Up. You’ll be hearing more from him…

Anywho, the Peter Rose thing came up and we caught pockets of the argument by the pant-load. That’s why we brought it up on Sneak Peek Saturday. On that note, we throw a curve at you today: The first ever interview, which happens to be a very cheesy a two-parter:

There you have it. Please voice your Pete Rose thoughts and give us your definition of good bacon.

Rex O’Rourke, tomorrow.

P.s… Two six-packs of Blue Moon are still on ice, awaiting the ailing jgclancy… We hope he’s A’s-Okay.

The A’s Have It…

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