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EDISON, NJ Now that the Entire Universe has seen the Odell Beckham Jr. grab – and dive – it’s time to focus on New York’s other perennial disappointments. Yes, I’ll take a few moments to acknowledge the  Spectacular Catch that looked like an offense interference (push-off).  Odell showed the athleticism that his cousin David (from another family tree) has displayed  for decades; Bending It Like Beckham is not only for the soccer pitch! Anyway, Giants Fans should be thrilled that Eli Gump has found a  receiver that can get up and catch those errant throws away from their true targets, the Defensive Backs.

Yet, Beckham Jr’s encore was a dive reminiscent of his namesake and that would make any soccer fan proud. Too bad referee Bill Vinovich was not buying it.

NFC Least News:   With the Giants and Redskins vying for draft position, the Cowboys and Eagles square off on Thanksgiving Day for first place in this mediocre division. Cowboy fans hope that they will feast on a Turkey and Eagle defense with a side of Mark Sanchez wild throws. This fan believes that the Cowboys can win big if they pound the ball behind that behemoth Offensive Line, while shutting down Darren Sproles, who is an absolute pest.

Manhattan Project: Knicks President Phil Zen Master Jackson recently tweeted what many believe was a motivational snippet: “Go get some road wins this week.”  Was this his intention or is he up to something? Looking into the future, I can see Phil and his diabolical cohort John Lithgow taking over the sideline duties after “eliminating” those who refuse to exist within The Triangle

Those who cross us will disappear ..
Those who cross us will disappear.

Back to the Knickerbockers: At 4-10 and playing away this week, how long will  Leprechaun Dolan allow Phil to stay off the sideline?

Hopefully for Derek Fisher, his new point guard Jose Calderon can step up the assists on a team that is fourteenth in the sharing category. Carmelo Anthony is optimistic about the addition but only time will tell. This team needs to gain more rounded scoring in order to compete. Anthony scoring about half of their points will only lead to another painful campaign……

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!  The fact that we live in a country that allows us to have the freedom to voice our somewhat delusional opinions is a reason to give thanks. I have many reasons to be thankful and hope that all our contributors, readers and their families enjoy a safe Holiday.

Up tomorrow, Angry Ward bastes some more juicy opinions for us all.

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