Baseball’s Freak of Nature, a Sepp Blatter and World’s Biggest Star

Mr Burns and Sebb Blatter
Family Day and softball game on Saturday, July 6, 2013.
Madison and wifey… keeping his legs strong.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Very rarely – probably never – do we write about just one athlete. We certainly don’t write about a player from a team that shunned the shores of the East River for the shores of San Francisco Bay. And we ain’t going to do it today. But we talk about Baseball’s Freak of Nature, a thing called a Sepp Blatter and the World’s Biggest Star.

Madison Bumgarner is Baseball’s Freak of Nature. Yesterday, the Giants’ pitcher that willed S.F. to another World Series title, helped shutout his organization’s co-conspirators in ruining baseball in New York City, the Los Angeles Dodgers of Endy Chavez Ravine, yesterday. That improved his record to 5-2 for a team that makes the Mets look like offensive juggernauts. Oh, and he hit bomb of a homer off Clayton Kershaw, to break a scoreless tie. What’s the secret for the guy whose name rivals Dirty Sanchez and Rusty Trombone in the Oh, Behave Deptartment? Read this.

Mr Burns and Sebb Blatter

Sepp Blatter is NOT a condition with a vital organ. Instead, he is everything and anything that Roger Goodell, Bud Selig and David Stern could only dream to be. At 79, he won re-election to the most corrupt seat of power in sports. It’s like Mr. Burns getting voted Boss of the Year by Homer and his co-workers. Check out John Oliver’s take on the FIFA President to really appreciate this dirty old bastard by clicking here.

Finally, who is the World’s Biggest Star in sports? Tom Brady? LeBron James? Wilmer Flores? Nope. Not even close. And we’re discounting Floyd Mayweather simply because boxing is…well, boxing. How about a soccer player? That’s right, two soccer references in one day on this site. Christiano Ronaldo made a cool $52,000,000.oo last year. That’s in salary. He made another 28 mil in endorsements. He’s 30, lives in Madrid and is single. You do the math. And though LeBron comes in next in total earnings, Lionel Messi – another futbol star, is next at 64 million. He’s only bleeping 27.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 10.38.08 PM

And there you have it. We’re very proud that we didn’t mention the Mets or Rangers or Alex Rodriguez today… Wait, we just did. Anyway, please comment below, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and come back tomorrow for a man who who love for Ronaldo or Messi to kick his balls, Junoir Blaber.

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