NY Haters Snub Mets and Yanks for All-Star Game. Thank Bill the Butcher!

2015MLBAll-Star-LogoReds_zps2906215bLAWRENCE, KS There are a few parts of America where – believe it or not – the city of New York is not especially loved. Let me be a bit more direct: The rest of this country views New York City with such contempt, such utter disdain that a chance to “stick it” to us is never passed up.

We New Yorkers know this hatred of all things Gotham stems from a combination of jealousy, resentment and good old fashioned American racism. This of course goes back to the days of the Five Points gangs. You of course are familiar with the movie version in which our greatest living actor, Daniel Day-Lewis played the role of “Bill the Butcher” forever cementing New York as the “Badass” capital of the world.  We see hatred and resentment of our fair city in numerous ways. I was reminded just last night that anti-NYC sentiment is alive and well in Major League Baseball.   Bill_the_Butcher_Iraq

The players chosen to participate in the 2015 MLB All-Star game were revealed last night. No one bashes this Mets team more than your own Fake Sandy ALderson/Big Al Sternberg. It’s one reason @AldersonFake remains the 17th most reliable source for Mets opinions, red herrings, and innuendo on Twitter. But the New York pitching has been mostly outstanding all year. Statistically, the Mets staff is ranked 2nd in the National League. When the big bad Blue Jays and their bandbox bangers came to Flushing a couple of weeks back, Noah Syndergaard and All-Star Jacob deGrom completely shut down Joey Bats and Co. This past weekend, this same staff shut down the first place Dodgers in LA. Long Island’s Steven Matz (for whom this site was created 10 years ago, when Steven was in middle school) looks like a combination of John Candelaria and Jon Matlack.

With history’s worst offense, this Mets squad only stays near .500 because of its starting pitching and its brilliant closer, Jeurys Familia. Saying Familia has saved this Met team doesn’t begin to tell the story. He has been absolutely “lights-out” all year.


Naturally, he was left off the NL All-Star team. Guys like Jonathan Papelbon and K-Rod K-Rod! for god’s sake – were selected over Familia. It’s the I hate NY” thing rearing its ugly head. Again. Statistically Familia’s numbers dwarf virtually every other reliever selected to the team. Unfortunately, like Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner, he’s been relegated to the “Last-5-in” vote.

In places like Kansas City, Denver, and St.Louis, voting “their guys” to the All-Star team means everything to the locals – because they have nothing else going on. Had MLB not intervened, we would have been looking at Royals players at 8 positions! Civic pride and yes, a way to stick it to New York. By far, the best all around player on a first place Bombers team, Gardner’s earned an All-Star spot. But according to Omaha and Overland Park he’s not good enough to go to Cincinnati over guys like Brock Holt for crying out loud? Ned Yost and his KC Kiwanis Club pals have some explaining to do with this one.


Again… the “I hate NY” thing.

I’m certain most of you don’t get wrapped up in the machinations of an exhibition game as I do. But this Hayseed Bias rubs me the wrong way. The “fly-over” people getting a chance to stick it to the Big Apple. Let’s do what we can to vote for Familia and Gardner to be the “last men in” for Cincinnati.  We need to stick up for our own. Can we get a write-in vote for Michael Cuddyer, maybe?

In the meantime, come back tomorrow for out undisputed All-Star, Angry Ward.

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