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And we can’t perfect a webcast? @Angry_Ward Rocket-man!

SAN FRANCISCO, CA-  Meet The Matts has been dedicated to give you, our loyal follower(s) a taste of our Super Bowl crudités platter: Sure, Fake Sandy Alderson offered up some Papa Johns with a side of Peyton Manning dispersions. And Angry Ward Calhoun laid out an in-depth dossier of possibilities and Big Game predictionsHow does one follow up on literary perfection?

But as I pour myself a glass of Merlot, my thirst for another spin – sans any game predictions/prognostications, as we leave that to Cheesy Bruin), I am pining to share my Top 10 Super Bowl Moments. Employing tried, true and tired journalistic form, we will count down from 10th to 1st – making for the traditionally dramatic finish.

10) Rocket-men of Super Bowl I – January 1967: We had yet to see the man on the moon. We did, however, experience dueling Rocket-men flying around the LA Coliseum. 

9) Trent Dilfer raises the Lombardi Trophy – Super Bowl XXXV:  Throwing a lofty 12-25, sub-50% completion percentage, Trent managed not to F things up and allowed his defense to win the game.


8) What Happened to the Lights? It was the Harbaugh Bowl. With the Ravens kicking the Niners asses, the lights mysteriously went down. The comeback that ensued kept those viewers in their chairs.  Ravens hung on.

7) David Tyree’s Catch: Had to include this for all our resident Giants fans. Let’s be honest, Eli Manning threw up a clay pigeon that would have been picked ninety nine out of one hundred times. It was miraculous and memorable.

6) James Harrison ‘s INT: An epic game changing moment. Instead of going into the halftime locker room tied or trailing, the pass rusher extraordinaire, went 100 yards to the house and a ten point lead.

5) Larry Brown MVP: Neil O’Donnell certainly would love to forget those two picks that led to fourteen Dallas points and a 27-17 victory over the Steelers.

4) Lynn Swann Acrobatic Grabs: Equal time for the Steel City.  I’m not sure that we will ever see a wide-out put together more Super Bowl highlights than Swan. If only his political career was that good.

3) Joe Namath:  Broadway Joe Willy boldly called out the heavily favored Colts and backed it up en route to a historic win for the AFC.  It was the ONLY title for Gang Green but hey, it could be worse. They could be the Eagles!

2) Chuck Howley MVP:  Only once in 49 Super Bowls has a member of a losing team won the MVP trophy. Howley raised havoc on the Colts with two picks and numerous defensive plays. Despite the 16-13 loss, he was the best player on that field.


Now for my Number One Super Bowl Moment!

1) Joe Montana to John Taylor: Cincinnati fans must have nightmares to this day. Montana ruined their title hopes two times on his way to Four Super Bowl Rings.  Regardless who you follow, Montana is the greatest big game QB of all time.

Chime in with your opinions and come back tomorrow for … The X-Factor.


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