Opening Day Glee: Our Team Is Amazin’

Meet_The_Matts Openin_Day_GleeNEW YORK, NY – Recently, we were with a fellow baseball addict, or more specifically, a fellow New York Mets addict – who just happens to share our last name. Anyway, he introduced us to yet another member of the Blue & Orange Brigade as “… the pessimistic kind of fan; the one that thinks that disaster is going to happen and the team will be out of it in May.” Now, bastardizing his quote aside, this hit home. We’re not that fan! We’re half-full guys through and through, brimming with Opening Day Glee because… Our Team is Amazin’!

Granted, we have the knee-jerk reaction of vomiting in our mouths with worry, every single time Harvey or Matz or Syndergaard or de Gromb or Familia or Wheeler throw a pitch. Every. Single. Pitch. And sure, we cower and cringe every time David Wright bends over to tie his shoes. Every. Single. Bend. Hell, even watching Jose Reyes running to first in a Rockies (or wherever he is now) uniform, still gives us hamstring fits. But this is the best time of year for any baseball fan anywhere! Even us worry warts. Why? Because every single team is in it. Every single team is undefeated. Every single fan has reason for optimism. Are we are full of it? You bet we are! Optimism, that is – not the stuff we’re full of once our team is out of it and we’re trying to act like they ain’t. But that’s a column for another day.

Today is a Happy Day!

What we’re getting at here is that this is, despite the snow or rain, despite the cold, despite any grey skies… this is the time for you to be happy. This is the time to embrace your team and energized by an overwhelming helping of Opening Day Glee, to bellow at the top of your lungs, “Our Team is Amazin’! Because nobody can tell you otherwise… not even a Yankees fan. Or an Atlanta Braves fan. They are poop.

Oh, and if you haven’t watched at least one Spring Training game in its entirety, you are letting life pass you by. Watch the game, even if you have to tape it, and enjoy. It’s pressure-free baseball and… it’s glorious.

Please add your version of Opening Day Glee – or anything else – below. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and come back tomorrow for Yankees fan Different Matt, who has Alex Rodriguez’s assault on Babe Ruth to be proud of.

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