54 Days Until Football Season. Mets and Yanks Trade Partners?

NEW YORK, NY – Oh crap, I just remembered I’m supposed to write something for MTM. Dammit, I only have two hours. The last thing I need is Different Matt to show up at my door again. Err, so, what’s going on out there?

It was good to see the ESPY’s opening with a classy plea from Lebron, Wade, Paul, and Anthony. That’s the only time we’ll see Carmelo on a big stage near Lebron. And props to Tim Duncan, going out in his way – quietly. People barely noticed. I nice change after watching Kobe shoot 6 for 32 every night on his farewell tour while the young guys on his team wasted a year of their careers. The Big Fundamental is all class.

Can we cancel the rest of baseball season? I hate to be the one to tell you this, but I don’t think a NY baseball team will make the playoffs this year. Even a Wild Card for the Mets seems unlikely. Are bone spurs contagious? Because it seems like all the Met starters have them.

Lebron, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo, Chris PaulMet fans seem to be waiting for another Cespedes move to jump start another push, but it’s ain’t happening this year. I don’t know if there’s a Cespedes like guy out there. And if there is, the Metsies ain’t got the chips.
The Yankees are in worse shape, finding themselves back where they started at .500. A nasty back end of the bullpen ain’t worth much when the rest of your team is suspect.

Couldn’t the Mets and Yankees work out a trade? The Mets need a speedy OF and a lefty reliever and the Yanks have them. How about Chapman, Ellsbury, and an A-Rod to be named later for a rosin bag? I’ll call Cash, let’s make it happen. Oh, they don’t want A-Rod? I was hoping they would stop reading after “Ellsbury.”

Thankfully, only 54 more days until we find out if the Jets are really gonna let Geno Smith play quarterback. Both Fitzy and the Jets seems to want each other, why can’t they get it done? This might be the worst game of chicken ever. They’re like two high school kids who are too proud to admit they like each other. Fitzpatrick has to cave soon, right? He’s got nowhere to go and he’s too old to skip a season.

-NFL-BUFFALO-BILLS-NEW-YORK-JETSThe G-men are gonna score some points though, amirite? They scored the 6th most points last year and have some shiny new weapons and one rebuilt old one. Yeah I know, a great many of those points were a result of their cotton candy defense. Do you remember the Saints game? Jaysus. Didn’t they lose on a facemask penalty on the punter? Or did I dream that?

Is that enough words Matts? Please put the bat down. I’ll remember next time.  Feel free to fire away below and come back tomorrow for my pal Cheesy Bruin, a Bronx guy rooting for the Boston Bruins. And please follow us on Twitter – @BenWhit8 & @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts. Thank you.

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