Giants, Jets, Yanks, Mets Going Nowhere; Hockey and Rangers Only a Month Away

McadooNEW YORK, NY – If Preseason NFL is anything to go by, the New York Giants will be done and dusted before Tom Brady is finished serving his suspension.

Ben McAdoo may be the first head coaching casualty of the season. Eli Manning and the offense have struggled in preseason to get first downs, let alone touchdowns. I know it’s way too early but wasn’t the point of promoting McAdoo to keep Eli playing in a familiar system? That’s all gone to sh!t in preseason. Jerry Reese, the Giants’ lame-stain General Manager failed to adequately address the team’s offensive needs. This Giants team is going nowhere.

Ryan-Fitzpatrick-Context-Stats-2015The Jets may fare a good deal better than the Giants. They have the more complete team. They finally signed their average quarterback after a drawn-out stand-off. It’s a shame the Jets don’t play the Patriots in the first four weeks of the season while Cheatin’ Tom is serving his suspension. They don’t face off until week 12. The Patriots play the Browns in Week 5 when Brady is back and he will be all sorts of fired up. He’ll be looking to make a statement and the Browns will have to pay for the broken plates.

bridgewaterA lot of leagues had their Fantasy Football drafts before Teddy “Ballgame” Bridgewater blew out his knee. I’m not sure how much effect that will have on most fantasy teams since Bridgewater would only start in a 30 team fantasy league. My league has its draft on Monday. And I couldn’t care less. It’s the same story every year for me. I’ll take it seriously for the first couple of weeks and then I’ll lose interest. After that I’ll do just enough to make sure I’m playing a viable lineup and I’ll finish the season somewhere in the middle or back of the pack. After that I’ll swear off Fantasy Football forever, only to reverse course next August.

Gary SanchezBaseball is still going on but the Mets and Yankees aren’t making the playoffs, so whats the point? The Amazins have a better chance than the Bombers. They’re only two games out of the Wild Card. But the injury bug has been cruel. The Yankees have been playing fairly well but the damage was done early on in the season. It’s been fun watching the Baby Bombers over the last month. Gary Sanchez has been a beast. But in terms of playoff hopes, the Yankees are too far gone. They’ve got too many teams to pass to get in and they have a tough schedule. But wait till next year!

At least we’re only a month away from the NHL season starting. And we’re only two weeks away from the World Cup of Hockey. About 180 NHLers will be taking part in the tournament for world hockey supremacy. I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that Canada is going to win. Who cares? All I care about is that no Rangers get hurt.

Thats all for me today. Come back tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin.

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