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MARLBORO, NY The Giants. The Giants! They are the conglomerate that kept me from fulfilling a promise of a sweep with Cheesy Bruin’s Free NFL Picks last week! But settling for yet another 3-1 week ain’t so bad. That’s the 6th such mark out of 10 weeks, on my way to a 23-17 record, which is good for 59% on the year. Cut to today… This week, with the help of some great Gambling Quotes & NFL Notes, are gems versus the Las Vegas number.

“Hell, for a gambler, is a game he can’t lose”
Pat Jordan (Watching Dad Gamble, 1993)

Starry Hope!
Starry Hope!

FAVORITE: How many times have I said this in my gambling lifetime? When it came to college basketball or a top-rated NFL play, I’ve been on the winning end of many $500 or better wagers in my salad years. Yeah, I’ve lost a few but when I ponied up the Franklins, I usually won. Today, I get the sense in my bones that the Colts are ready to go on a run for a playoff push and to do it against a division foe whom they beat a couple of weeks ago will serve notice that the AFC South is still up for grabs. INDIANAPOLIS (-2.5) over Tennessee

“We lose–because we win–
Gamblers–recollecting which–
Toss their dice again.”
Emily Dickinson

pete_rose-skantsUNDERDOG: This pick is truly a toss of the dice but I believe I can roll a seven on the first toss. The Seahawks have not routed opponents at home this year playing a number of close games in the process. I don’t like the fact that a rookie QB (Carson Wentz) with limited offensive weapons face an aggressive defense and stroll into one of the more hostile of home field biases in the NFL. Seattle has played down to their opponent often and grabbing a bunch of points with a head coach in Doug Pederson, who is turning out to be an in-game gambler might turn a profit for those who back the Iggles. Philadelphia (+6.5) over SEATTLE

“One time he was sick and wouldn’t take penicillin, because he bet his fever would go to one hundred and four.”
Frank Sinatra
(Guys and Dolls, 1955)

godOVER: Maybe I have a problem myself selecting another Giants game. I’ve had some success with the Jints but the sting of last week’s loss keeping me from the Perfecta leave me a little gun shy about this one. Like a fever, this game will show a rise in points from New York. Big Blue’s offensive breakout and anything Da Bears can put on the board will only help our cause. Chicago/NEW YORK GIANTS OVER 43

The dice of God are always loaded.
Greek proverb


UNDER: Loaded are the two offenses in what can be dubbed the Lombardi Bowl since Vince served as coach of both teams in his illustrious career. I still think injuries have a lot to do with the Pack’s problems and frustration is mounting in Aaron Rodgers. No Power Sweeps in this game as I foresee a lot of incomplete passes that will help you cash a wager on Green Bay/WASHINGTON UNDER 49.

“It’s better to bet and lose than not to have bet at all.”
Cheesy Bruin (1985)

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