Grinding Ax: They Might Be Giants vs Cowboys

New Sheriff in town

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ-  Eli Manning’s New York Giants are playing for a chance to sneak another Super Bowl ring on their mitts.  This season lends great opportunity for Gump & Company.  The league is void of an overwhelming powerhouse squad as evidenced by looking at the records across the divisions.

Wait a minute! What about the Dallas Cowboys, who are coming into this week’s contest with Big Blue flashing the NFL’s best record and ranking in the top five in total offense, points scored and rushing?!

Still, there are many reasons that the Giants should win this game.

Experience: Eli Gump has been in this position many times and employs special powers during seasons like this. Looking back at the G-Men of 2007 and 2011, there is a very familiar pattern.

In 2007, the Giants finished second at 10-6, three games behind the 13-3 Dallas Cowboys.  2011 they went 9-7 . They went on to win, taking down Ball-gate star, Tom Brady in both Super Bowls.  The difference one may argue is that Tony Albatross Romo will be a iPad-toting spectator this time around and Dallas has a high-powered offense.

It’s all about match-ups.

This is a must win for the team from the swamp and the weather favors them – vs a dome team from a Texas. It will be cold and blustery this a Sunday. Dak Prescott  has certainly been impressive mounting comebacks in many games lately but none of them have been in real winter weather. The Giants excel in rushing defense which will force the rookie to pass in the winds of a Jersey. The wildcard here is how Big Blow ( referring to the wind) pressures the rook without the nine fingers of JPP. If the Cowboys coaches are of sound mind,  they will utilize Jason Witten down the seam and Cole Beasley in the slot, especially when blitzes are dialed up. As for the rushing game, Dallas will certainly try to establish one with league leading Ezekiel Elliott . They would be better served using him to catch a few screens to throw the Giants off. Offensively, the Giants are salivating to exploit one of the leagues worse defenses against the pass. If Manning avoids turning the ball over, he should put up four to five hundred yards in the air.

Dallas clinches home field for the playoffs by merely splitting the next four games, so the door is wide open for the Giants. The X factor here is the ability of  Prescott to will his team to wins. This is certainly a departure from what Cowboys fans are accustomed to over the last two decades!  Regardless, we are playing with house money this year and every win is an unexpected gift from the football gods.

Despite all my rage, I’m still just a…

No pressure Giants, no pressure at all!   Will Odell Beckham Jr. be kicking or kissing that net?  Chime in with your opinions. Did I mention that the Eagles are playing this week? No, because nobody cares!  Cowboys 35-31.
Please enjoy this song Angry Ward dedicates to MTM Management.

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