Big Money Kerfuffles: Defending David Wright?

NEW YORK, NY – With President Trump proposing cutting taxes while asking for one trillion dollars for an infrastructure makeover, along with increased military spending and a Mexican border wall that will now “pay for itself” somehow, we’re thinking money today. Okay, maybe we think money every day – but we don’t have to write a column every day. With that, there are two entities right in the cross-hairs of Big Money Kerfuffles that have us Defending David Wright.

David Wright: Since our “sports journalism” here in Mattville is decidedly “yellow” in nature and rife with prevarications, there is plenty of room for hypocrisy. And since pretty much every pundit here, including this one, has bashed the Erroneous Captain Wright for not limping into a limo and ending this Waiting-For-Godot limbo by driving off into the St. Lucie sunset with the monies he’s already made, it’ time for some waffling. That’s right, this is a defense of the oft-injured, likeable gamer, whom – you guessed it – is hurt again. “Shoulder impingement,” they say. “He’ll be ready in May.” Yeah. Sure. And I’ll be parting my flowing locks in the middle then, too.

But that’s not the point, is it? The point is that there are $ixty $even million reasons the make Wright’s hanging on and rehabbing yet again, somehow right. Think of what you can do with that much money – after you’re already rich. A good guy like Wright will undoubtedly give to charities and even help some in need. That’s a good thing, no? And from his point of view, he still thinks he has game left in the tank.

At 34, he could be another Paul Molitor type. Remember, Molitor was banged-up all the time and had a late resurgence. But that happened in the American League. It happened mostly with Paulie Hit-man as a DH. And there’s the rub for Wright. He has to prove himself worthy as a hitter, get the Mets to take on some of that green water sinking their [partner]ship, and have him move on to a final flourish in a Junoir Junior Circuit city… with the Yankees.

Finally, raise your hand if you’d walk away from a company willing to pay you $67,000,000.00 through 2020 to work out.  In fact, former teammate and fellow walking wounded warrior Carlos Beltran is telling him to banish all thoughts of such craziness via the NY Post:
He shouldn’t be thinking about retiring,” said Beltran, now with the Astros. “If I’m him, I don’t even think about retiring. You have to empty all your bullets before you retire.

Damn right. Don’t budge, Dave. Make them crow-bar you off the field like they’d have to do with this pundit in the same scenario. But be forewarned, though, we’ll all be bashing you as a greedy albatross again in the near future.

That’s all for today. Come back tomorrow for our Paulie Hit-man, Cheesy Bruin. And please follow us on Twitter @MeetTheMatts, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts


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