Yankees Fan: In NY, It’s All About Pitching! Just Ask The Mets

Yankees Fan Buddy Diaz sees Mets starters with 2 starts, no runs.

SPANISH HARLEM, NY – I have finally come to my senses, I’m officially a Mets fans! Who am I kidding? I love the Yankees. However, some (and Junior Blader) have pointed out that the Mets don’t get enough love on this site – which was initially dedicated to them – so to appease many of our readers I have decided to talk about the Queens-based baseball team today; specifically their starting rotation. Let’s get to it.

Pitching couldn’t be more important in baseball. It can be the difference between being a good team or a great team. That’s what makes this season a must-watch for Mets fans. With possibly the best rotation, the future is now. I know I may be getting ahead of myself because injuries can play a factor but it’s easy to point out who the Pitching Gods have favored in this city lately.

Yet, while it’s still very early, the Mets have already had they fair share of tough brakes with injuries to their staff. Steven Matz and Seth Lugo go into the season on the disabled list. All is not lost, though, when you look at the rotation led by the one known as Thor, aka Noah Syndergaard. (I love watching that guy pitch). He is followed by Jacob deGrom, who came out of nowhere in 2014 and is as talented as anyone on the staff. That’s not even taking into account, Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler, who were considered the best pitchers on the staff before injuries derailed their seasons and and put question marks around their careers. Anyway, that’s what I call pitching-rich… Losing that type of talent can derail an organization, yet the Mets plug away and continue to bring up pitchers that are not only good but have the moxie to excel in this environment (which is not easy to do).

That’s why this needs to be the year the Mets win the World Series. You can’t expect a team to continue producing good pitcher after good pitcher and get the same results. Pitchers are fragile these days – a time when the average fastball seems to be 96mph on the radar. Guys are throwing harder and with more velocity than we have ever seen in this sport. But that comes with more injuries and a shorter shelf life, which can’t bode well for teams that rely heavily on pitching. When you consider how many free agents that Mets have after this season, which includes the Manager, Terry Collins, the window for opportunity could be closing for this group. It’s now or never!

By the way… who is Robert Gsellman, did they clone Jacob deGrom and tell him to grow a beard… pitching-rich, I tell ya!

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