A Bronx Tale II: The Return of The Sanchize – Yankees Version

Gary Sanchez is The Sanchize of the Yankees, according to Matt McCarthy of MeetTheMatts.com

BRONX, NY – Despite the everything-is-peachy-keen portrait the likes of Buddy Diaz, Ben Whitney, Different Matt and DJ Eberle have been painting about their beloved New York Yankees, things might not be as rosy as this triumvirate of Cashman Kool-Aid drinkers might lead you to believe. In fact, Joe Girardi may now fully understand what Rex Ryan had to deal with while piloting the J-E-T-S into a crash-landing that set the franchise back 10 years. What could possibly be a common denominator for these vastly different personas in completely different sports, you ask with indignation and a hearty harrumph? Well, put on your sunglasses, non-believers, because the answer is glaring; both Ryan and Girardi are/were cursed with their own version of… The Sanchize.

A Bronx Tale II: The Return of The Sanchize

Full disclosure: This writer doesn’t watch every Stankees game. He watches enough, though, to know the enemy. He (continuing in 3rd person) also knows a little bit about baseball: You pitch, you catch, you field, you run, you throw, you hit… and you hope. And for all us fellow Bomber Bashers out there, our hopes that some kind of plague might befall the Silver-Spooners/Pinstripers looks to be bearing fruit. Indeed, the Stanks seem to have a lemon behind the plate in the form of one Gary Sánchez (who doesn’t have a middle name, interestingly enough). See, it sure seems as though the catcher can’t catch! How great is that?!

But before you say that his 36 passed balls this season and pizza box hands are merely the imagined nonsense of yours truly,  check out Ken Davidoff’s piece in the NY Post, calling for Gary “Fading” Glitter’s demotion. It’s complete with quotes like this from Le Sanchize Redeux’s skipper, Joe Girardi.
“He needs to improve. Bottom line, he needs to improve.”

Sanchize The Deuce had this to say about his league-leading passed balls, which he attained despite missing a lot of time behind the dish and despite some egregiously favorable official scoring labeling many other balls as “wild pitches:”
“Blocking is a matter of reacting. Reacting quickly to the ball. I’m not going to be able to block them all, but if I set myself well, I’ll have a good chance of blocking them.” NOTE: Sanchez said this through his guffawing interpreter.

Former Gold Glove catcher Girardi was having none of that:
“It’s something that he’s capable of doing a better job.”

Moreover, we allegedly think we overheard G-Rards saying:
God he sucks. I rather have Cecil Fielder back there. Christ almighty. He just blows.

And with that prevaricated quote, Happy Days Are Here Again!!!

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