Chief Wahoo, Cleveland Indians Will Win World Series!

Chief Wahoo, Cleveland Indians, Matt_McCarthy

CLEVELAND, OH – In the Era of Being Politically Incorrect, there is only one team that should win the World Series; the Cleveland Indians. And boy, oh boy, won’t it be something to see Chief Wahoo being carried off the field, pumping his fist while holding on to his headdress. Crazy thought, right? Well, no it’s not. As sure as an offensive Tweet from our lightening rod Executive-In-Chief, you can bet on this Chief and his band of baseball warriors.

Chief Wahoo, Cleveland Indians, Matt_McCarthy

Here’s why:

Hot Team: The Tribe is on fire. How does 16 straight wins sound? That streak dwarfs the scalding NY Mets‘ 3-game tear! Last night they followed Thursday night’s stampede over General Custer’s Chisox (Corey Kluber collected 13 scalps… strikeouts), with a tomahawking of the Baltimore Orioles, 5-0. Mike Clevinger threw six 0’s at the O’s – a team desperately pecking at a Wild Card spot. The superb bullpen finished the job without breaking a sweat.

Francisco Lindor: Does a 23 year-old shortstop with 27 HRs make your wigwam wiggle? You bet he does. And imagine if he wasn’t hitting in Cleveland in frigid temperatures for 3 months of the season.

Edwin Encarnacion: He’s gone deep in back-to-back games and has hit safely in nine straight. Like the team, he’s heating up at exactly the right time. The poor man’s Manny Ramirez – sans dreads or hotel residency – is raking like his Ke-mo sah-bee from Washington Heights once did at The Jake. P.s…. The Ramirez handling the hot corner is also worthy of mention. Hip, Hip… Jose!

We cool, Chiefie?

Terry Francona: The guy can flat-out manage. And he’s not above doing the little things that players appreciate. Like rubbing your frozen toes through your moccasins in October. Longtime Mattville commentor bosoxbruins04 will certainly laud Skipper Terry, whom was dumped after revoking an irrevocable curse in Boston.

President Trump: Our President tends to be a tad politically incorrect. His campaign for the office was built on it. This is not a political statement, Grinding Ax Walt, so put your bow down. It’s fact. And what more perfect way to celebrate than having Chief Wahoo faces all over national television in his first year? It’s Cleveland Karma, folks. You heard it here first.

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