Rebuilding Year Championship Curse, Jets Worst Nightmare, USA Soccer Void

Meet_The_Matts Angry_Ward Cheesy_Bruin Yankees Vegas_Golden_Knights

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS¬† – Welcome to Jolly Junoir Wednesday. This will be one-time-only event. I am pinch hitting for Angry Ward, who is busy in Vegas cheering on his second team, the Las Vegas Golden Knights, on those long Las Vegas nights. MORE ON WARD: he’s taking the “…stays in Vegas” thing a step further, leaving his Angry Ward persona there for a relaunch when he gets back. THAT should be interesting… Anyway, on tap today is my tried-and-true formula of a Song of the Week, followed by Sports Stuff. The latter will be about the Yankees Rebuilding Year Championship Curse, the Jets Worst Nightmare & Soccer Minus USA.

Meet_The_Matts Angry_Ward Cheesy_Bruin Yankees Vegas_Golden_Knights
Vegas Golden Knights… or Nights: Angry Ward and Cheesy Bruin living the life.

Song of the Week:¬† As this is a one-time-only thing, I decided to go back and find the perfect song for this pinch-hit… one night only. Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls, a movie I didn’t see for over a year after it came out. Take a listen and enjoy the track.

#RebuildingYearChampionshipCurse: Congrats to the Yankees for making a big run in a re-building year. So because they overachieved this season, ring 28 is next year right? WRONG! Take a look at a the Indians that made the World Series last year or the 2015 NY Mets. Everything changes the next year. You are no longer playing with house money. The pressure from fans increases and opponents won’t underestimate you. It sets teams back a year or two usually sometimes permanently depending on the team.

Sam_Darnold NY_Jets Meet_The_Matts
I’ll pass.

Jets Worst Nightmare: A few weeks ago, I joked about how the J-E-T-S couldn’t even tank properly. Now they have had two fourth quarter chokes and I am even more scared. I see Todd Bowles‘ crew being in every game and fighting their way to 7-9 or 8-8 and missing the playoffs. The won’t be able to pick the next can’t miss QB Sam Darnold of USC, since he will go the the 3-13 Giants and someone else will get UCLA’s Jared Rozen. So now they will look into the latter rounds and try and find a Prescott, Wilson or Watson and find another Hack Hackenburg. Because these are the Jets and that is what they do.

USA Soccer Void: Futbol has disappointed me lately. It never used to. With both Ghana and USA out of the World Cup, I am left to focus on Club soccer. So I turn to Red Bull New York’s MLS Playoffs run and the 2017-2018 campaign for Manchester UnitedRBNY play their one-off playoff game tonight against Chicago’s Fire and with their history of choking, (22 years and no titles), I see them choking hard! Man U on the other hand, are in the title race but I am not sure how long that will last. They have the talent but their manager doesn’t believe in a having a deep squad, so with a few injuries they’ll be in trouble… like losing to newly-promoted Huddersfield. I hope he eventually learns but I doubt it.

That is it for now, you can also find us on Twitter – @JunoirBlaber, @MeetTheMatts & @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram – @MeetTheMatts – and Facebook Meet The Matts. And come back tomorrow for Bangin’ Buddy Diaz!

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