What The Sam Hill? MLB Fans Asking: Is Robbie Cano is Robbie Alomar Part Deux?

SEATTLE, WA – From the state that lured Jon Olerud away with its athlete-friendly tax structure, comes Robinson Cano, an aging, high-priced second baseman on the downside of his career. Make no mistake, Mariners fans are doing backwards somersaults now that they are rid of Robbie and his nonchalance when it comes to playing full-tilt all the time. But what of the fanbase on this side of the “blockbuster” that Mets GM Jerry McGuire, aka Brodie Van Wagenendumped in Flushing.

What The Sam Hill? MLB Fans Asking: Is Robbie Cano is Robbie Alomar Part Deux?

Robbie Cano is Robbie Alomar Part Deux
with two exceptions:

1) Robbie Alomar was clean. His worst offense was spitting at an umpire who allegedly called him a “f***ing fa**ot.” (You’re on your own to fill in the ****s, we’ll be drawn and quartered in Interweb Court if we go any further). Anyway, he didn’t get suspended for 80 games for BANNED SUBSTANCES.
2) While also on the downside of a career – a downward spike that he admitted to this reporter stunned him – he still ran out ground balls and pop flies. He busted his hump.

If you don’t have time, go to the 3:00 minute mark to see Robbie weigh in on why players suck when they come to the Mets.

Reading the Joel Sherman piece in the NY Post about “Welcome To Flushing” press conference feting Cano and Edwin Diaz, and after watching the presser itself, one can’t but help the feeling of deja vu… all over again.

Yogi Berra, Mets, MeetTheMatts.com, deja vu
Deja vu all over again.

Let’s go back to December of 2000. A smooth-talking, handsome devil of a sharp-dressed GM – Steve Phillips – gushed over the acquisition of Alomar. This was before Silver Fox Phillips got nailed for nailing interns/production assistants and outlining the lurid details in tests. DO NOT TO CLICK THIS.

Yet, as repulsive as Phillips ultimately became, his baggage didn’t include being the agent for a drug-violating star infielder – during his suspension – and then immediately becoming the GM of another team that acquires El Suspendo and his $63,000,000.00 in guaranteed monies. AWKWARD!

As for the the other components in Brodie Van Phillips’ “blockbuster,” Edwin Diaz throws hard, has real fire and will bring an energy to a moribund bullpen. But… he’s SKINNY. Remember another lights-out skinny Latino hurler that came through these parts? One named Pedro Martinez? Skinny pitchers have a history of breaking down. Can you hear me, Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd and Mark “The Bird” Fidrych?

Anyway, check out Sherman’s piece and the video and consider the above. The bet here is that Angry Ward nailed this whole thing in his piece on Wednesday. This is just a bitter more angry, if you can believe that.

Please feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for a man that recently shaved his eyebrows away, Junoir Blaber.

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