Thank The Baseball Gods Your Team Didn’t Sign Manny Machado. Here’s Why.

Machado-Padres, Meet_The_Matts

SAN DIEGO, CA – So, you’re angry at your GM for not going whole hog after Oriole-turned-Dodger Manny Machado in MLB’s Hot Stove free agent market, eh? Well, pine no longer for him not riding your pines. Here’s why you should Thank The Baseball Gods Your Team Didn’t Sign Manny Machado.

BOBBY HOLIK – This guy was a wrecking ball in the middle of the ice for the perennial powerhouse that was the NJ Devils (arguably the dumbest name in team sports). Then he took the big bucks to go through the Lincoln Tunnel to play for the Rangers at Madison Square Garden. The Devils kept clicking and Holik played with the $uper$tar shadow before an increasingly impatient Blueshirts faithful. You can add Chris Drury (Broadway Blues) and Michael Peca (Brooklyn Fish Sticks) to this list of NHL players that were on the upside before the sniff of green[er] pastures hurt their careers. Is this the same as Machado’s situation? No. But this is fodder for discussion on a sports website, so sue me. But DJ Eberle still doesn’t know what to do with his Sabres Peca… doll. [Ahem]

DAVID WRIGHT – This is Wright in the Machado wheelhouse, in a blurred, conspiratorial kind of way. Yours truly simply will not let go of the fact that David Wright, the poster boy for Major League Baseball, a man that could have demanded a King Machado-esque ransom to play for a contender, opted to forgo a physical and take the Wilponzi money to remain a Met. Lest we forget, he did this despite his buddy and fellow homegrown talent, Jose “Bunt-Gate” Reyes being let go for zilch, MLB announcing it would be appointing Sandy Alderson “…to cut payroll for the foreseeable future” with the 3 BILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT hanging over Fred and Jeff Wilpon. Did you really give two shipths about winning, Dave or did you knowingly toy with the hopes and dreams of Mets fans for the next 8 years because you signed long-term, fully knowing you were damaged goods?

I could go and on here, naming players that clearly opted for money – like Kevin Durant if he is dopey enough to leave Golden State and sign with the Knicks – but know you have the attention span of a gnat and want to get to Manny being Manny (thank you, West Coast Craig).


Machado-Padres, Meet_The_Matts

MANNY MACHADO – If there is any doubt in you mind about this guy’s character, his make-up or most importantly, HIS WILL TO WIN, just think about his headline:  MACHADO SIGNS WITH PADS. Let that sink in… He passed up the f’n Yankees, for cripe’s sake. I hate the Yankees. But I’d take less money to play in that lineup than I would to die a quick, yet painful, baseball death in boring, blue-haired San Diego. Oh, and the Stanks would have made him generationally wealthy as well,…to hit bat in a lineup strewn with Gashouse Gorillas. Are you kidding me? It must be that Buck ShowalterLosing Is O’s-kay” philosophy hammered into all young Baltimore prospects and free agent signings. Great googly moogly.

So there you have, jilted Machado fans. He didn’t/doesn’t want to win. He ain’t Macho in that way. He just wants a gluttonous amount of money. Macho is really Mucho. You’re welcome.

In the meantime, please comment below, come back tomorrow for Junoir Blaber, a man that still thinks Jeff Wilpon knows what he’s doing, and for the love of Rodney Peete, get Bryce Harper signed before he freezes to death.


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