Sports Rain Man: What A Week For The New York Metropolitans!

EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Memorial Day weekend. I want to say two things before I get to the sports: 1) Thank you to all the descendants and relatives of soldiers that have that died in battle. The sacrifice in the name of the country, whether draft or volunteer, is always to be commended and revered. 2) Apologies to my fellow staff writers for not commenting on all their posts this week. I can’t expect them to comment on mine, if I don’t comment on theirs. Especially since our rabid fan base is a bit shy for comments. With that, he topic for today: What A Week For The New York Metropolitans!

NY Post

So, the New York Metropolitans continue to be the team that can’t do right. They continue to be a team that plays to the level of their opponents. They got swept last weekend against the Miami Marlins, prompting talk of firing manager Mickey Callaway. General Manager Brodie Van Wagenen came out gave the kiss of death, “the manager’s job is safe” speech. This means that Callaway will be gone sooner rather than later.

But then… the Mets went out and looked like division winners against the Washington Nationals, confusing everybody. In the midst of all of this star pitcher, Noah Syndergaard, came about with a full-throated support of Callaway.


Since reading an article last year in The Player’s Tribune, it has been clear that Thor really likes Callaway. Mickey’s reputation as being a pitcher’s manager won him over. But the problem is… like Terry Collins before him, Callaway is a good guy that has been promoted beyond his station. He is at best a #1 assistant and not close to being ready to be a #1. He makes silly mistakes, like not giving his pitcher’s their preferred catcher. Letting the starting pitcher bat but yanking him before he takes the mound in the 5th. (Vargas vs Cardinals).

To cap this all off, Yoenis Cespedes admits to hurting his ankle while on the farm back home and is out for the season. Cespedes represents the classic Mets trading deadline mistake: add for power and experience, have a great NYC audition and dupe Management into an extension. Cespy has played in less games than Short Matt plays with his brothers (His brothers don’t play, get it?)

This all goes back to not just failure of Van Wagenen to get good help but once again, it down to the Wilpon family. Thank god the family is so rich their kids and grand-kids will only have to work at something fun. They got taken by Maddoff and never missed a beat. They just passed their losses down on to us fans; sh!tty, bargain-basement baseball, run by Tier 2 personnel.

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