Replaceable Friday: Mets Train Keeps Rolling, Daniel Jones keeps shutting us up

Mets_Train, Daniel_Jones, Eli_Manning, Giants, MLB, Trevor_Herrick, Meet_The_Matts

RAIN SOAKED, NJ – “Summertime, and no ones reading…”  Or are you? Yes kids, its that time again. Time to spit out an article with pontifications that you may or may not agree with.

Last night the Mets kept the juggernaut moving toward the Promised Landof just barely missing a playoff spot on the lat game of the season! Turning around their fortunes from a dismal first half of the year the Mets have surged to 7 games above .500, yet still 1.5 games out of the last wild card spot. Every day someone new seems to step up and do the unthinkable. Last night Noah Sydergaard flirted with a perfect game through six innings before a bloop landed just in front of Juan Lagares. I was reminded of the reverend in Caddyshack getting his best game of golf stopped by the lord raining frogs.

Well we somehow haven’t lost our religion over this one. As a born skeptic that is only compounded by being a Mets fan I often look at the glass never reaching past the half way point. Always waiting for the other shoe to drop and disappointment lurking around every corner. Well its time for that to end… the Mets may not make the postseason they may lose on the last day of the season and have their dreams crushed but somehow this time it doesn’t matter. They are playing such exciting and inspired ball right now its nearly impossible to not just sit back and enjoy the ride. One that could come to a crashing halt as the vastly superior Braves roll into town.

Mets_Train, Daniel_Jones, Eli_Manning, Giants, MLB, Trevor_Herrick, Meet_The_Matts

Bring ’em on I say… I’m going to the game with my whole family on sunday and now my kids are old enough to sort of enjoy watching I’m looking forward to more than just snagging them a tied dye bandana. I’m hoping Michael Conforto (their favorite player) hits one out for them. Anyway it was fun while it lasted and even if the bottom falls out tonight this has been a fun month or two and reminds why we watch sports in the first place.

On the other side of the tri-state Daniel Jones continues his make everyone eat crow campaign by continuing with accurate deep throws, poise in the pocket and resilience after taking a big hit. Its only preseason but he does look like a gamer despite having the worst mug in area teams since Mark Texiera. How long will Eli hold on to the slot before the future takes over is the only question facing the Giants now. Well thats it for today, come back tomorrow for Junior Blaber’s takes on why mens field hockey is the next big thing…

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