Cha-Ching For Titans Tannehill, NFL Playoffs, FREE NFL Picks

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NEW YORK, NY – It’s cold outside in much of the USA, including 3 of the 4 cities with teams remaining in the NFL Playoffs. Our plan is to sit on the couch and drink some great craft beer, dip some chips in some salsa and Tweet annoying tweets to Brodie Van Wagenen, the GM of the Mets. And watch some football. That leads to today’s headline: Cha-Ching For Titans Tannehill, FREE NFL Picks

Ryan_Tannehill, Aaron_Rodgers, NFL_Playoffs, Chiefs, Titans, Packers, 49ers, Meet_The_Matts, Matt_McCarthy


Ryan Tannehill cashed in another 3.5 million smackers for so successfully plying his trade… after being traded by Miami. No, it’s not from another behind-the-scenes show. It’s from incentives. Here’s how it breaks down.
Making The Team: $250,000
QBRating: $1 million for being north of 96.0. Tannerino was at 117.
Wins: $175,000 because each win netted him $25,000, with all of the seven wins featuring him participating in more than 50 percent.
Playing Time: $1 million… $100,000 for each game he played more than half in. That was 10 games.
Passing yards: $500,000 for more than 2,250 passing yards. He had 2,742.
TD Passes: $500,000 for more than 20. R-Tan had 22 with only 6 picks.
All told he raked in $10,250,000.00 –  pretty good for a guy dumped by the dopey Dolphins.

Now, we don’t expect that you have Ryan Tannehill cash to throw around but we can help you get there our FREE NFL Picks and… a lot of luck.

Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs:

Arrowhead Stadium will be going bonkers and many be losing feathers from their headdresses from worry, as Derrick Henry rampages through a poor run defense. BUTThe Chiefs offensive firepower is something only George Armstrong Custer could speak to. It is freakish. Right now their offense is as dominant as the 1985 Bears were on defense – the Monsters of Midway. Tony Eason and Steve Grogan are still twitching. Look for a final score of Chiefs 40 Tits Titans 20.

Green Bay Packers at SF 49ers.

Our staff is all over the place on this one. For this writer, Aaron Rodgers being able to feel his fingers in anything over 40 degrees makes him infinitely more dangerous. And he was sublime last week on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. He’s getting a top lineman back and he’s got a Pro Bowl takcle facing Bosa The Beast, so I’m going with the gunslinger to keep it close, if not win. But we need to have a winner, right? Green Bay 34 SF 28.

And there you have it. Please tip your bartenders and let us know if you see Cheesy Bruin, who is MIA today

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