The deGrom Rule, Knicks Misery, J-Rod & Mets, San Diego PEDSdres?

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Replacement Matt

COVID, NJ – Yesterday, Buddy Diaz wrote about doing away with some of baseball’s unwritten rules.So today, I’d like to suggest adding a rule or a stat, rather.

On Tuesday, the Mets’ Jacob deGrom allowed zero runs and got a [another] no decision for his efforts because the bullpen imploded behind him. Fortunately for the team, Michael Conforto hit a 2-run homer in the top of the ninth to comeback and secure the victory.

Here’s where the new stat/rule comes in…

Edwin Diaz got the blown save. But he also got the win. This needs to change. Instead, deGrom should be awarded the win or WD for a Win Despite the bullpen’s best efforts to sabotage him.  Further, maybe we can make the pitcher who allowed the RBIs take the earned runs, instead of the pitcher who left them on base. It doesn’t seem right.

Since MLB has shown willingness to mess with the rules already, these changes seem appropriate.  We can call it The deGrom Rule. The WD should be implemented immediately.

Alex Rodriguez, Steve_Cohen, Fred Wilpon, A-Rod, Mets, NBA_Draft, Knicks, Padres, Hosmer, Jacob_deGrom, Meet_The_Matts, Replacement_Matt
NOTE: Replacement Matt had nothing to do with the PED/Pads parody. It’s alleged hogwash. We think. Maybe.

In other news…

The Padres hit a Grand Salami for the 4th consecutive time. That’s never been done before and wouldn’t have happened if Fernando Tatis, Jr. had listened to his Manager. This bolsters Buddy’s argument from yesterday. Either way, are they the San Diego Padres or the San Diego PEDSres?(tm)

Back to the Mets… I keep seeing conflicting reports about J-Rod or Steve Cohen being the leading candidate to purchase the Metsies and don’t know what to believe. It seems Jeff Wilpon is looking to sabotage the proceedings regardless… As for other Sickening Mets News, the team has come down with two cases of the ‘Rona and cancelled last nights and tonight’s games as a result. More may be in the making. Thanks, Miami.

Speaking of Florida, let’s go to hard court and NBA news…

The Knicks have managed to once again screw the pooch, crapping out in the NBA Draft Lottery with the 8th pick. They will certainly draft someone who is not good at that slot, much as they would have if they had come up with #1. Someone really solid will be drafted five slots later regardless, much like Donavan Mitchell did or Michael Porter.

What’s the point? There is none… except maybe sports need to get cancelled again to spare us this kind of pain.

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