Who’d a thunk? Chumpa Bay vs SUNY Buffalo, POTUS Bart Scott vs JJ Watt, Rays Win!

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NEW YORK, NYWho’d a thunk? That’s a question we’ve all smacked our [mostly] receding hairline heads time and time again, rendered apoplectic by some inexplicable/unfathomable sports happening. For yours truly, FYI, this happens on a second-t0-second basis. And that brings us to today’s headline topics: Chumpa Bay vs SUNY Buffalo, POTUS Bart Scott v JJ Watt, Rays Win!

Chumpa Bay vs SUNY Buffalo

Chicago Bears stud Khalil Mack, he of the greatest school ever, the State University At Bufflalo, made Tompa Bay Brady his chump,  battering Thomas Brady in Chi-Town’s 20-19 victory.

Per The Athletic, K-Mack, who sacked Tom [Not] Terrific twice and bull-dozed him to six pressures, said “It’s a special group, man. They love that pressure, man. It clicked tonight – like I knew it would. It clicked at the right time. It was a beautiful thing to see going up against one of the best ever. I just know that we smelled a little blood in the water.”

I had the frickin’ Bucs in this one. Like anyone else with a pulse. But that Nick Foles guy had a pretty decent game, going stride for stride with Chumpa Tom (tm).

As for the upcoming match-ups…

After looking at the lines for the games – which I actually did – yours truly suggests making sure to choose the betting sites that adjust the best for your needs, as the prices might change drastically from one site to another. Cheesy Bruin could vouch, if he’s sober. Check out his FREE NFL Picks tomorrow.

JJ Watt, Khalil Mack, Aaron Boone, Bart Scott, Meet_The_Matts, NFL, Matt McCarthy

POTUS Bart Scott vs JJ Watt

When hearing him speak and after re-watching his career highlights, it’s hard to grasp that former Baltimore Raven star Bart Scott also played for the New York Jets. The man with two first names has carved out a nice niche for himself on the daily NYC sports radio dial. This week, he became someone I will make a point to tune in to more often, having won me over with is calling out the NFL’s poster boy on defense, JJ Watt. See, the Houston Texans don’t have a win this year and just fired their coach, Bill O’Brien. Word on the street says his firing came after a heated argument with Watt, one that allegedly lost Coach O’Brien the locker room. Enter Bart Scott, who put the onus on Mr. Watt, calling him a coach-killer. Scott also called out Subway’s biggest hero (pun intended) for clamming up after the firing, after being vocal about everything else prior. Watt -bashing is considered blasphemy by some, but it’s gospel for yours humbly.  Sic him, POTUS Bartman!!

Speaking of Bartman, now let’s go to Matt with MLB news…

Rays Win!

First question for Kevin Cash & Co: Who’d a thunk? Certainly no Yankees fans could have foreseen their Bombers playing like the Bronx Bummers, scoring but one lousy, singletary run in an elimination game. Tsk, tsk and for shame! But really, anyone of us existing in the world outside the Yank’s umbrella has one thought: Thank you, Sweet Baseball Gods! Yeah. That’s right. Those of us that root for sh*tty, inconsequential teams take solace on ‘roids in any gut-wrenching Yankee loss. Indeed, it makes the world sort of tilt in our favor, however so slightly, in a deprived, delusional way. But hey, it works!

That’s it. I’ve fired my bullets. While I reload, please shoot your lip off below and come tomorrow for the aforementioned Cheesy Bruin, whose FREE NFL Picks are on fire… Who’d a thunk?

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