Big Ben’s NFL Hot Takes – Week 13: Trevor Lawrence, Kirk Cousins, Taysom Hill

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STAMFORD, CT – It was a banner week for the NFL teams representing NY City, as the Giants pulled off an impressive win and the Jets stayed in #TrevorPosition with a ludicrous defensive call. I did not see that Giants win coming. I’m calling some hot routes and backtracking on a few things I’ve said as recently as last week. But it’s a new week and we can start fresh, so buckle in for Big Ben’s NFL Hot Takes – Week 13.

The Giants will win the NFC East at 8-8. Last week I looked at the four game stretch of Seattle, Arizona, Cleveland, and Baltimore and had trouble finding one win. Now they all look winnable. The G-men will win two more of those plus the Cowboys and finish 8-8. How about that after an 0-5 start? Make room on the bandwagon, mother f@ckers. 

The Foreskins will also finish 8-8. The WFT knocked off the undefeated Steelers and have an easier road with the Niners, Seahawks, Panthers and Eagles. They will win three as well, but lose the division on a tiebreaker. Going for two in the first match-up with the Giants will come back to haunt Riverboat Ron. It sure didn’t seem important at the time. 

The worst defensive call in NFL history

The Packers and Saints will play in the NFC Championship at Lambeau Field and the Packers will win. It seems unlikely that any of the other NFC teams will challenge the big two. It’s not as unlikely as calling a Cover Zero Blitz with 13 seconds left, leaving an undrafted rookie on the guy with the second fastest 40 time in combine history with no safety help, but still a longshot. Home field is still important for these teams. The Saints have a one game lead but the Pack have the tiebreaker with a win over the Saints in Week 3. The Packers have a pretty easy schedule but the Saints still play the Chiefs. Interesting. 

Drew Brees will not be the Saints QB next year. I reckon the Saints have seen enough and believe Taysom Hill can be their guy. Let’s be honest, Brees hasn’t been great in the playoffs, including that ugly loss to the Vikings last year. They’ll pretend they want him back, but gently show him to the door.

The Jets will draft Trevor Lawrence and keep Adam Gase to be his QB guru. Did you know Gase comes highly recommended by Peyton Manning? You’re right, I’m just trolling with this one. Just making sure you’re paying attention.

The Patriots will make the playoffs while the Dolphins will not. As Commodus said to Maximus in Gladiator, “you simply won’t die.” The Pats have a tough one on Thursday vs the Rams, but then they have three familiar division foes. Belichick is starting to get his Cam-groove on and I can see him coaching victories in three of those. Three wins gets them to 9-7, which might get it done with an extra team. Okay it probably wont in the AFC. But the Dolphins play the Chiefs, Pats, Raiders, and Bills. Tua has limited weapons and I don’t think the defense will hold against those high powered offenses. Expect some Holiday Fitzmagic! It’s the most wonderful time of the year.


The Vikings hold onto the last wildcard and get in at 8-8. With wins over the Bears and Lions, the team that started 1-5 and barely got by the Jags makes it to the dance.

The Seahawks and Bucs both stay where they are as well. The schedules are friendly. I think they both circle the wagons and finish 3-1.

Some stupid team will give Gregg Williams another gig. I hope I’m wrong.

Bill Cowher will be the next coach of the Jets. He’s talking it up and it makes too much sense. Get it done, Woody.

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Sam_Darnold, Trevor Lawrence, Daniel Jones, Jets, Giants, Ben_Whitney, Kirk Cousins
City-bound and Playoffs-bound?
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