Late Night With Rain Man: Urban Meyer, NFC LEAST Champs/Chumps, Unbeatable J-E-T-S

Urban-Meyer, Baker-Mayfield, Jets, Meet-The-Matts, Junoir-Blaber

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday! I really don’t enjoy these late night writing sessions and I know the MTM Edit Staff hates them but the way my two kids wear me out during the day, late night is the only time I get. So here’s Late Night With Rain Man: Urban Meyer, NFC LEAST Champs/Chumps, Unbeatable J-E-T-S

Urban Meyer

I don’t know who flirts with a return to coaching more, Urban Meyer or Bill Cowher. This time the rumor is a few NFL teams are talking to him. So who called him? The Jags would look like a whole new club led by Meyer with Lawrence at QB. Also, the Jets could be in the running to make a big splash. I don’t think Meyer is a good fit for NY but that makes it even more likely that the Jets make a run. After those two, it could be a whole host of under-performing teams. Atlanta or Detroit or someone who seems to be in a good place but wants the Meyer Brand.

So here we are, heading into the final game of the season. Washington FT lead the pack at 6-9, and they could win the division somehow , even if they lose next week! The big decider is the Cowboys vs Giants slap-fight, which means the winner of that game can win the division based on some fuzzy Matts-matics. The only team that is out of it are Buddy Diaz’s Eagles whose loss this weekend to Dallas sealed their fate. It is weird how the worst division is sports is still so captivating.

Unbeatable J-E-T-S

The J-E-T-S are the J-E-S-T-S no more. Unlike Angry Ward’s Vikings, who are possessed with a split person disorder, they are psychopaths who enjoy inflicting pain on their fans. Just look at their coach (left). Jets fans must be sadists to even support this team. My rantings comes from the fact that Gang Green just went on the most painful winning streak in franchise history. Going into last week they were 0-13 and stood a chance in the Trevor Lawrence Sweepstakes. They proceed to shock the LA Rams and  follow that fumble up with mind-numbing blunder yesterday, beating the Cleveland Browns and handing the Jacksonville Jaguars the number 1 pick in the 2021. Sure, the Browns very much depleted but they blew a comeback on Baker Mayfield’s version of The Butt Fumble. So they beat my Jets copying my Jets! That’s just ridiculous… Now, Ohio State QB Justin Fields is whom the Jets are likely to take. Maybe they stay the course with Sam Darnold and trade down for more picks to fill all the many holes on the roster. I don’t know which is the right call. The one call they should make is getting rid of head coach Adam Gase and then getting Eric Bieniemy from the Chiefs. From there let’s see what he wants as coach. A new coach may want a QB of his choice and Fields may not have the arm of a Mahomes but he does have a strong arm and he does have a mobility that is superior. In my heart of hearts, I know they will screw it up, just don’t know how.

Thanks for reading, comment below and come back tomorrow for Ben Whitney, who is our Bieniemy; always winning and waiting to soar.

Urban-Meyer, Baker-Mayfield, Jets, Meet-The-Matts, Junoir-Blaber

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