Big Ben Tuesday: Tom Brady the Lion, Knicks Making Noise, Rangers Treading Water

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STAMFORD, CT – I’m still thinking about Tom Brady and that amazing Super Bowl performance. But… with MSG set to start taking fans, it’s also time to check in with the Knicks and Rangers.

Tom Brady, Maskless Alpha Lion

Maybe we’re past this, but I’m still thinking about Tom Brady walking in to the Super Bowl without a mask and the criticism that came with it. This barb came from Lisa Hendricks.

Tom Brady could have used his platform to wear a mask and be a role model for responsible behavior. But nooooooo, he had to be a maskhole.

This past week, yet another comprehensive study showed an impressive correlation between a high vitamin D level and not dying from COVID. Maybe that’s why Tom went to sunny Tampa. Vitamin D level is a good barometer for a person’s health and there is an expanding body of evidence showing those with higher vitamin D levels are way less likely to get really sick or die from C-19. And we know that the biggest risk factors for C-19 are obesity and comorbidities.

Well, Tom Brady is a pretty healthy human being. With a strict diet and ground breaking exercise routine, the man takes better care of himself than almost anyone on the planet. He’s 43 but looks 25. QBs like Brees and Peyton have had to resort to dinking at hat age, but Tom’s arm can still fling it downfield to Scotty Miller for the late first half dagger.

My point here is that maybe he was using his platform to make a statement that the best way to protect yourself from COVID and other respiratory viruses is to take care of yourself. Apart from the victory celebration that is, when TB12 was stumbling around like a pledge who just got into the frat, this man is a model of good health for us all. We’d all be a lot better off if we treated our bodies like that guy. And sorry, *but masks might do a little, at best. *Being healthy beats a mask.

I should have bet the farm on Tampa the second I saw that guy stroll in to the Super Bowl like a fearless alpha lion.

Knicks Making Noise

I just watched the Knicks take out the Hawks. The Knicks are giving up the fewest points in the league at 103.2. Last season they were 17th at 112.3. The Knicks are now in 6th place in the conference, at 14-15. Who saw that coming? Tom Thibodeau has gotta be leading for COY.

It’s possible I was wrong to question the Derrick Rose trade. I feared Quickley, a fearless offensive player, would lose minutes. But his minutes have not been affected and he’s playing well with Rose. The Knicks are 3-1 with Rose and he has been a spark off the bench. It looks like Toppin is going to be the guy losing minutes, and maybe RJ Barrett some nights, which is unfortunate. But with the intangibles and leadership Rose brings, it’s the price they had to pay.

None of the teams the top of the conference are too frightening. The Bucks, 76ers, and Nets all have holes. Do I dare to dream? The Knicks don’t have a real superstar, but they have a lot of useful players.

Rangers Treading Water


The Rangers had a big decision to make with Chris Kreider last trade deadline. They decided to keep him and give him a longterm deal. That already looks like a mistake. The Rangers have a lot of exciting players and more in the pipeline. But giving out what look to be bad long term deals to Trouba and Kreider could really hamstring the rebuild. Kappo and Lafreniere had really better start making jumps if this time is going to get more interesting.

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