Noah’s Lark, RJ & Julius Go Starks, César Prieto in Cuba Defecto, Best New Sports Show

Moose Skowron (not John C. Reilly), César Prieto & Julius Randle

NEW YORK, NY – It’s the Saturday of a 3-day weekend and the bet here is that some of you at there are going to a wedding today or tomorrow… which sucks Moose [Skowron] balls. Why is assassinating someone’s three-day weekend to save what’s supposed to be a one-time expense even legal? Insert marriage joke here… Anyway, some interesting things are transpiring in the sports world, particularly in MLB and the NBA, so let’s get to our SEO-friendly headline: Noah’s Lark, RJ & Julius Go Starks, Cuba Defecto, Best New Sports Show.

 Noah’s Lark

For real Mets fans, the bad news about Noah Syndergaard didn’t carry the devastating blow that the dramatic headlines were hoping for. We’re used to this shipth. Just ask us about Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler, Steven Matz and Jacob deGrom. All have missed a 1+ years due to injury while in blue and orange. We’re used to psychological twists and turns on an every day basis. But now we’re faced with the polar opposite reactions from Syndergaard and the Mets front office. The latter was one of gloom while the former treated it as a lark, confounding those of us stupid enough to keep rooting for the Triple A  Amazins. Here’s Noah’s tweet:

WTF, guy? Are you flucking with us or do you have a different opinion that the infamously poor Mets medical staff? Either way, we didn’t need this new pyscho thrill ride. Not funny. Not cool.

RJ & Julius Go Starks

John Starks was nodding wistfully. He’s been down this road before, pretty much the last time the Knicks were relevant in more than a #Linsanity fortnight. He shat the bed shooting the basketball against the Houston Rockets in Game 7 of the NBA Finals 274 years ago. Cut to last night and the two players most responsible for the Knickerbockers being legit again, RJ Barrett and Julius Randle, shot like shat. Their 4-for-24 from the field (3-for-12 from 3-point range) killed any chances of taking a 2-1 series lead and may mean Buddy Diaz and his fellow fans might just have to settle for one win this year. If that’s the case, the season was still a success. Hell, I even watched here and there, which I would not do during Phil, Melo or Starbury stints.

Cuba Defecto

The simple fact that you may be reading this means you have zero to little chance of ever understanding what a César Prieto must be going through. You’re allowed to use the internet, read whatever you want and even comment. You can’t do that in Cuba. You can’t do a lot of things in Cuba. You most certainly can’t just leave to pursue a dream. After reading – because I can – about this 22-year-old infielder, who left the Cuban National Baseball Team while it was in Florida for an Olympic qualifying tournament, two questions popped: A) How much does your life have to suck for you to leave your family and friends – forever – knowing they will pay a heavy price for leaving? B) How big are your cojones to be able to defy a government? Jesus. Think about that. And you just know that the boss down there in Cuba will not just go quietly into the night. Examples will be made for others with brass balls. This statement is right out of an espionage movie:

“His decision, which is contrary to the commitment he made with both his country and team, has generated repudiation among his colleagues and other members of the delegation, who are willing to overcome foreign interests to be faithful to our homeland and the mission with which we traveled to the tournament.”

Yikes. Not sure about you but when I see words like homeland and mission in the same sentence, I start looking behind me. This is real life. In 2021. Crazy.

I hope you make a trillion dollars, kid.

Best New Sports Show

Speaking of crazy and a trillion dollars, check out what critics are calling “…the best sports entertainment show in 10 years.”

And there you have it. Please comment below, tip your wait-staff and bartender, and come tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin, who will be insufferable gloating about the Boston Bruins.

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