Phirst Place Phils, Mets Melting, Businessman Tom Brady

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PHILTHYDELPHIA, PAMTM Management will not allow me to drop the f-bombs yours expletively would love to be be lobbing here today, so just know this; I am not a happy camper. Making matters worse, it’s because I was right re the phirst part of today’s headline. The Brady part leaves me a bit more apoplectic than normal. Let’s get to both: Phirst Place Phils, Mets Melting, Businessman Tom Brady

Phirst Place Phils/Melting Mets

It was fun (albeit angst-ridden) while it lasted, Mets fans. First place no longer belongs to the Amazins, as they are now looking up at the phirst place Phillies. This turn of events comes after the dangerously lilting Mets ship, after 4 months of taking on water, has now started to sink. And guess what? New first-mate Javier “Dave Kingman” Baez has been nothing more than strike-out-heavy ballast… I HATE BEING RIGHT about adding him at the MLB Trade deadline, but the last thing this unsteady ship needed was a free-swinging hot-head behind drowning skipper, Louie Rojas. But apologies to David Arthur Sky King Kingman for lumping him with Baez. Kong at least hit .220 and kept you on the edge of your seat with each AB. Baez, on the other hand, is an unquestionably skilled player who simply refuses to doing anything at the plate but swing for the fences. How’s that working for you, Javy? With a .172 average and 12 Ks in 29 ABs, not well. His strikeout total is the highest in MLB –  but at least he leads in something! And since he’s come to Flushing, Brandon Nimmo is now swinging at first pitches, with abysmal results, for the first time in his career. I smell a Cubs Conspiracy brewing. But all is NOT lost… Not yet.

Tweaks That Might Help:
1) Live and die with J.D. Davis at 3rd. He can hit. Put him in front of Alonso.
2) Send Michael Thomas Conforto down to the minors to relearn how to hit to all fields. He has never lived up to “that sweet swing” for more than 60 games, will be 29-years-old next March and should not be brought back for more than 5 mil per.

Yet I digress… All of this translates into one thing: Phirst Place Phils

SIDE NOTE: The gritty Marcus Stroman is the best 7-11 pitcher since Craig Swan.

Businessman Tom Brady

Apoplectic Matt

Sure, we’re all in tune with Tom Brady being a great leader and teammate but he’s always avoided controversial statements. What’s cool about guys like him – which are rare – is that he’s so accomplished that he can say what he wants. In this instance he’s calling out the NLPA and his fellow NFLers for being dopey businessmen. This is in light of the news that the value of each NFL team grew despite the pandemic AND the salary cap being set BEFORE the huge broadcast deals were announced. Seems like pretty basic stuff, right? Kudos to Tampa Tom for kicking the cash register re the NFL’s media rights deals with NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC/ESPN and Amazon, for a combined $111.8 billion. This has some dopey millionaires kicking themselves in the head.

That’s it for today. I have to prepare to watch the Mets melt some more so I can once again accept another “wait ’til next year” lament.

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