Sports Rain Man: NFL Standings and Way-Too-Early Predictions

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday The Jets were off this weekend and Bills don’t play until tonight, so rather than talk about that horrendous performance of the Jints, I decided to talk about the whole league and make my predictions as to who would win it. Thus, here are today’s topics: NFL Standings and NFL Standings and Way-Too-Early Predictions!


AFC East
There was a time when New England was lock to win this division, mainly because the other teams (the Bills, Dolphins and Jets) were stuck in their second decade of rebuilding. This year – like last year – the only team not rebuilding is the Bills. They will win the division easily.

AFC North
This division right now is very tight. You have to say the Ravens are the best bet to win it. The Bengals are looking good but nobody’s sure Burrows will make it through the season and Cincy are likely to fade. You have the Browns dealing with in-fighting and heading towards implosion, so the slow and steady Steelers seem like the best pick.

AFC South
The Texans and Jaguars are already done for the season. That leaves the Colts and Titans to fight it out.  Tennessee has a habit of getting in their own way, so I would bet on the Colts winning this division.

AFC West
This division is super close now and hard to figure out. The Chiefs are the defending Conference champs, so you can’t bet against them. The Chargers are on their way up and the same goes for the Broncos with the Raiders, recently stuck in turmoil. You gotta figure that it ends with the Chiefs winning while the other two fight for the wild card and Oakland L.A. Las Vegas fades away.


Junoir Blaber

NFC East
The WORST division in football  will easily be won by the Dallas Cowboys. They are the one team that has managed to not get in its own way when trying to win football games. If you want to see how bad this division is take a look at the performance of the New York Football Giants yesterday.

NFC North
The Packers will win this division running away and the Lions are, well, the Lions so they will be last. What remains to be seen is if Angry Ward’s Vikings can stop the ground -n- pound, conservative play-calling and actually move into the 22nd century. Da Bears have the same record as the Vikings and they have been using a Rookie QB, so they have a better chance of improving. Rookie growing pains, however, are more likely to hobble them when it matters.

NFC South
TB12 and the Bucs look nearly unstoppable. They will win the division again. On their tail and refusing to go away are New Orleans and Carolina. I am not sure who will win the right the right to be second because both teams are using new QBs, but you gotta think one of the two will win the Wild Card, so if I had to guess I would go with the Panthers, as they seem to be getting more consistent play at QB. The Falcons will definitely be bringing up the rear.

NFC West
The Cardinals have spent big recently on both sides of the ball and it looks like they are reaping the rewards. JJ Watt is leading the D and Kyler Murray leads the offense. They are the only undefeated team left in the league and will win the division easily. The LA Rams – with their new QB – are right behind them and look dead-set to make the playoffs, while the SF 49ers and Seattle Seahawks will be stuck in rebuilding seasons.

Thanks for reading, comment below and come back tomorrow for our Tuesday Morning QB, Ben Whitney.

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