Relaxing Ward Wednesday: Take the Day Off, Why Dontcha!

NEW YORK, NY – This Friday, the Roxbury School District in New Jersey is giving kids, teachers, everyone a day off. They just decided to use one of the 5 emergency days built into their schedule to let everyone destress, unwind, and enjoy a day of air in their busy holiday schedules. While I’m sure there’s a contingent of parents crabbing about this (it’s always the same assh*les), I think it’s a great idea. I like the concept so much, in fact, that I’ve decided to give myself and all of you today off.


So, enjoy the day! Go shopping, take a nap, get your actual work done… do whatever you feel like doing. If you feel like swinging by here and commenting on sports or anything else, do that too… For instance:  The Knicks got off their Hanukkah schneid, Scherzer likes Buck, the Rangers keep buzzing and the Nets got another comeback win. Can you name three NJ Devils?

I’m always up for hearing about what JG Clancy is eating or how the weather is in Buffalo or where Short Matt’s car broke down this time. Today’s a free-for-all. Have at it!

I’ll be back next Wednesday with The 12 Days of Anger, or some such nonsense. Come back tomorrow for Buddy “The Elf” Diaz.

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