Carlos Correa’s Calamity, Ballad of Baker Mayfield, Foolish Knicks

AUSTIN, TX – It’s finally warm down here, which means I got a glimpse of “the Austin” that is so revered by the likes of Cam James. The South by Southwest (SXSW) thingy is back on and in full swing, so entire streets are basically a block party. COVID-19 is over, baby! Wait, what’s that? The color guy I’m doing tonight’s Dallas vs Seattle (Major League Rugby) match tested positive this morning and won’t be flying in from California? After reading that one that famous 1865 quote popped into my head:“Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?” That was email #2 this morning. Email #1 was the rotten news that my buddy’s dad had a heart attack and passed away. Aside from that sucking for obvious reasons, my friend also edits the Rugby Wrap Up show that just launched on certain Southern Cal cable stations. It is wholly unlikely – and understandably so – that he won’t be editing this week. But you didn’t come here for my whining, so let’s leapfrog that and chat about Carlos Correa’s Calamity, Ballad of Baker Mayfield, Foolish Knicks

Carlos Correa’s Calamity

CORREA’S AGENT: Great news! We got a deal!
CORREA: Great! With whom? (I know he wouldn’t say whom)
CORREA’S AGENT: Minnesota!
CORREA: You sh!tting me?!
CORREA’S AGENT: No! And like Mike Trout, you’re gonna get less than two pitchers!
CORREA: You’re f*cking fired!

How in blazes did Carlos Correa get just a 3-year deal to play in snowshoes for a sh!tty team? Sure, three years and $105.3 million isn’t exactly chump change but it’s LESS than Max Scherzer AND Gerrit Cole! WFT WTF?! There must be more to this story. There must be skeletons in a closest someplace. There must be… right?! As it stands, it’s the most calamitous work by an agent since deGrom’s guy negotiated his deal.

Ballad of Baker Mayfield

He’s the kind of guy you maybe didn’t want to like. Maybe the hype was higher than the production. But Baker Mayfield embraced the sh!tttiest of organisations (Canadian spelling for Different Matt) and – when healthy – got the team with the worst name in sports, in the worst city in sports, a playoff win for the first time since they were the Yellows. And now, after playing a season with one arm, which any idiot could see afftected his performance, he gets dumped for a guy that 2o+ women say is a bad man. While there is no Ballad of Baker Mayfield – I just liked the way it sounded – there should be. Count yours truly as a fan and I hope he goes someplace and wins a Super Bowl.

Knicks Foolishly Winning

Thibs & Co have now won 5 of their last 7 when they should be tanking. Who’s kidding who, here? What do they gain by winning NOW? Integrity in sports as we knew it, was lost way back when Roger Clemens and Johnny Damon signed with the Stanks. It can’t be about integrity. Tom Thibodeau is going to get fired, regardless of this group making the playoffs. It’s just The Knick Way… or really, The Dolan Way. Hell, Pat Riley wasn’t good enough for Jimmy D. What the Knicks need is for the Dolphins owner to call Dolan and tell him to pay Thibs to lose. It’s as plain as the nose on Buddy Diaz’s face! (He’s a Knick Knut TM, folks).

Anyone but me think that with all of the above and the real problems overseas, we’re teetering on the apocalypse?! Perhaps, just perhaps, a Spring Training game or two can get us all calmed down enough to get through it all.

Leave your comments below and come back tomorrow for Grinding Ax Walt, who’ll be pushing the limits of decorum… in a fun way.

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