Sports Rain Man: Watching Game Highlights, NBA Finals, NFL Mini-Camps

"Is the Hall of Fame that way?" - J. Allen

EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Monday! I have been busy, blay, blah, blah! This part of my posts tends to suffer, as you know, because I try to be personal. Really, though, there is not much to say other than that I am burning the candle on both ends. But let’s not wax on… [Ba Doom Cha] Here’s the slate for today: Watching Game Highlights, NBA Finals, NFL Mini-Camps.

Watching Game Highlights

I covered it in the comments a few weeks back but with my schedule: I never watch live games anymore. All games, except maybe the occasional Manchester United game, is on replay or highlights. I have to say, however, that I have grown to love it. I get to watch my team and root for them but it is over for me in 10 minutes. That allows to get back to work paperwork and looking after the kids… I started doing this for Red Bull NY soccer because despite being 5 minutes from the Canadian border, I am still blacked-out, courtesy of MSG Networks. So the YouTube highlights was my only way to watch the game unless it was nationally televised. From there it became the Rangers games and the playoff highlights which was great to watch – until the last few games, as they were knocked out. Now I have added Mets game recaps and I absolutely love it. I get to watch Met games and not have to deal with the time on TV. I may never go back to watching live sports again.

Junoir Blaber

NBA Finals

Congrats to the Golden State Warriors They just won their 4 title in 8 years. Surprisingly, this is the first one that Steph Curry was named the finals MVP. I mean, the Boston Celtics had a great run but I don’t think even their own mamas thought they were gonna pull this out. The Celts pulled of a couple wins that at least made the series interesting. Jayson Tatum definitely solidified himself as next level star in his team’s run but in the end the Warriors were just too deep. The G.S. bench contains at least two guys – in Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins – that could have left for good money elsewhere but preferred being part of the special thing that Steve Kerr & Co have. Curry now at four titles just has to win two in the next five years to tie the great MJ.  Not sure his body can hold up but if it does hold up for another five years, he can definitely grab two more.

NFL Mini-Camps

Why are people so hyped up for minicamp?! Maybe it is because I live in the hellscape that is Buffalo. They talk Bills, all year long. A couple of nice throws with only a helmet on and Josh Allen will solidify his HoF career this season. Really?! Jets fans are getting excited about their draft picks and they haven’t even played a real down. I just wish everyone would calm down and just let the season play out.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment below. Come back tomorrow for our Ben Whitney, who will bang-on about something!!

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