Angry Ward Wednesday: Let’s Break Some News with Deshaun Watson, the Mets, KD, and that Crumb-Bum Aaron Rodgers

Did someone say something about Aaron Rodgers and his tattoo? Is Stanton hurt? Are Shaq & Judge Judy dating?!

BRONX, NY – Today is a total random indistinguishable Wednesday at the end of July. A day like today is perfectly set up for someone, somewhere to come forward with some sort of momentous news:

Really, anything will do. In fact, there’s a whole bunch of stuff still hanging in the air out there. Someone, please, make a move on one of these things.

Deshaun Watson. Exactly how damn long does the NFL intend to milk this whole Deshaun Watson suspension decision thing? Jeez! It’s been friggin’ weeks. At this point, Goodell and his droogs should turn this thing into yet another horrid NFL TV Event: Watson Decision 2022. Have Stephen A. Smith and Mad Dog Russo do a two-hour-long scream-filled pre-show and then have someone like Judge Judy come out and hand down the decision in humiliating fashion. “You like grabbing, Buddy? Well, you can grab a piece of pine for the year. Case closed!” People will watch anything these days, who’s not gonna watch this?

New York Mets. Speaking of waiting for the other shoe to drop, the Mets started the second half of the season sputtering against the San Diego Padres. At times this year, their offense has shown signs of reverting to its “Standard” setting, which is very few two-out rbis and low-to-no run support whenever one of their starters is out there shutting the opposing team down. I’m wrote this Tuesday afternoon and the Subway Series kicked off last night in Flushing. SPOILER ALERT : The Amazins won… I don’t know about the rest of you, but the annual Mets/Yanks series got old for me like a decade ago. I would very much welcome anything out of the ordinary, at the very least a brawl. As I write this, I see that the Yankees have placed Giancarlo Stanton on the IL with Achilles Tendinitis. So… more of the same ol’ same ol’.

Kevin Durant. Trade him to the Celtics, trade him to the Pelicans, trade him to Russia for Brittney Griner and some weed vape cartridges… just trade him. Enough.

Aaron Rodgers. Everyone’s favorite smug quarterback, Aaron Rodgers recently made a big social media deal out of some stupid new tattoo he got. As someone hilariously wrote, he went to the tattoo artist and said: “Give me something that looks the way Kyrie Irving talks.” Anyway, now that he’s proven that he’s not afraid of all needles, Rodgers should get a tattoo a day until the regular season starts. Maybe start with a simple heart on his chest with an arrow through it and the word “ME” emblazoned across it, and he can work his way up to perhaps something Ghostbusters-themed that says: “Who ya gonna call? Mason Crosby!” Have at it, Mr. Deep Thinker, turn your body into a canvas for all of your precious thoughts.

I’m thinking I’m done for today. Stay away from drugs and home run derbies, kids. They’re no good for you. Come back tomorrow for the latest installment of Everybuddy Loves Buddy Diaz.

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