Steve Cohen vs Mets Titanic, Aaron Judge, Kevin Durant (Idiots Running the Asylum)

Just figured Steve Cohen deserved some air time. He's not in this story.

NEW YORK, NY  – Some of you out there are foolishly about to lose a finger or at least get burned severely; those damn fireworks! What say we keep the fireworks to the professionals and/or the imagination? Let’s create our own little Macy’s display right here with these topics: Steve Cohen vs Mets Titanic, Aaron Judge, Kevin Durant (Idiots Running the Asylum)

Steve Cohen vs Mets Titanic

Every Mets fan knows the “sinking” feeling. The team does well into to June… then comes the swoon. 2022 is no different. A 10 1/2 game lead is now down to just 2 1/2. Team owner Steve Cohen, a diehard fan of the Amazins, is far too familiar with orange & blue ships capsizing in rough July waters of the NL East. This year, however, he is the skipper. He alone can chart a new course and navigate the floundering Flushing frigate out of hostile waters. Skipper Cohen and Billy “Lil Buddy” Eppler have the resources to avert that cursed Atlanta Iceberg. Further, does this ship go port or starboard at the MLB Trade Deadline? One could argue that the Metsies are fine. Scherzer and deGrom will be coming back soon to bail out the leaky bullpen. One could also argue that relying on two aging, damaged pitchers will most certainly doom this this historically vexed vessel to the bottom of Flushing Bay. One could say that that Cookie will continue to crumble and that David Peterson‘s 5-1 record is a deceptive as it gets… Yours truly begs to differ.

As for the offense, there are those that say Lindor will hit closer to .300 than .240 and that McCann, Escobar and Davis will hit as advertised. They add that Pete Alonso won’t succumb to the pressure of being the only game-changing threat in the lineup… Again, I am not one of these people.

Skipper Steve needs to bring in a homer-hitting star, two solid relievers and two reliable starting pitchers. Otherwise Mets fans are likely headed for a great white whale of a flop. Let’s hope not. In the meantime… Call me Ishmael.

Aaron Judge

Herman Munster was the only one that could do the things that Aaron Judge is doing this season. There, it’s out there. Amazin’ what a contract year will do for a player’s performance, right? This guy is a marvel. He’ll look great in Queens next year.

Kevin Durant (Idiots Running the Asylum)

It is Theater of the Absurd in Brooklyn… K.D. has requested a trade. This comes AFTER Kyrie Irving decided to take 36.5 million reasons to play another year of away games. There still has been no word on Ben Simmons, who’s been seen less than Big Foot in Brooklyn. To be honest, I’m paying attention to what happens with this ongoing soap opera, which in itself is a marketing success for the Nets. The NBA, more than any professional sport, is subject to the whims of these mega-stars earning mega-bucks. To put it plainly, it’s Idiots Running the Asylum.

That’s it pour moi… Feel free to share your thoughts below and come back tomorrow for Junior Blaber.

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