Yankees Apocalyptic Collapse, Booing Fans, Need for Red Sox Mojo?

"When you boo Judge, you're booing me." -Jetes

BRONX, NY – Once again, this die-hard, unabashed Mets fan gets the golden opportunity to take the ball the morning after the New York Yankees lose in lifeless, pathetic fashion… for all the world to see. With that backdrop, let’s get to this day’s talking points/headline: Yankees Apocalyptic Collapse, Booing Fans, Need for Red Sox Mojo?

Yankees Apocalyptic Collapse

Don’t suggest, even for one second, that the New York Mets‘ failure to get past the San Diego Padres is even in the same universe as the cross-town Bronx ballclub’s putrid performance in this year’s #MLBPlayoffs. Any feeling to the contrary is absolute nonsense. Indeed, the Stanks squeaking by the low-budget, small-market Cleveland Guardians had Yankee fans celebrating en masse on the streets outside The House That Greed Built TM like their team just won Game 7 of the World Series. While they should be saluted with a standing ovation for organically celebrating and behaving well in the process, it’s important to point out that the Guardians’ payroll is 82 million dollars. That is over 3X less than the 262 million this dud of a Bombers team is [not] earning. THREE TIMES.

Adding more perspective, the Yankees headed into the All-Star Break on pace to at least challenge the record for wins in a season. They were seemingly invincible. Then reality set in and the lipstick on the pig started to fade. TO. BE. CLEAR: Without Aaron Judge, they would have missed the post-season completely. That is something lost on many fans, including those in attendance last night. That allows us to segue to

Booing Fans

Short Matt

It makes me smile. It puts a little twinkle in my eye. It adds a little pep to my step. That’s what witnessing Yankee fans booing Aaron Judge does for me. Are you f***ing kidding, me?! Those of you that boo this guy are dumber than a box of rocks. You’re dopier than a politician sexting photos of their private parts (Anthony Weiner, for example). If you boo Judge, YOU KNOW NOTHING about sports. You want someone to boo? Boo Brian Cashman. He’s the guy that has a five-tool, MVP favorite and record-breaking outfielder surrounded by .225 hitters that swing for the fence AT ANY PITCH. Moreover, Cashman is the guy that hands Puppet Boone the lineup for each game. (See Aristotle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis’ piece on that). Hey Yankee  fans, you’d be booing Derek Jeter right now if he was in this lineup instead of Judge. Think about that, you bleeping blanks.

Need for Red Sox Mojo?

“Blasphemy,” you bellow! Wait, before you continue cursing me re this suggestion, consider who was the last team to come back from a 3-0 deficit in the ALCS. If you guessed the “Whose Your Daddy?” 2004 Boston Red Sox, you are correct! They were the last team to make that climb and it was against… the New York Yankees. I know this because I was there, in my “GAMESIX#86 Mets jersey, donning a Mets hardhat and sporting a #1 Mets foam finger. While the gaggle of Sawx fans celebrated – at Yankee Stadium – yours graciously serenaded them with choruses of “We’re your daddy!” in full Mets regalia. They couldn’t quite grasp why someone would do that, but hey… we’re calledFANATICS” for a reason. Anyway, the beauty of the situation facing the Stanks is that need to copy Boston and some of that Red Sox mojo. You script just writes itself!

There. You’ve likely got a lot to think about, so we’ll open this up for discussion now. Feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for Junoir Blaber, who actually is a daddy.

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