Josh Allen Still Too Brett Favre-like, NFL Bullet Points

Josh Allen has some Brett Favre in him. Does he want some more? [Ahem]

STAMFORD, CTJosh Allen still has a little too much of the Brett Favre, gunslinger in him. I suspect Daboll was better at reeling him in than Ken Dorsey.

Speaking of reeling in great QBs, the Packers played the end of regulation really conservatively when they had the ball and only needed a TD to win. Rodgers gave Lafleur an earful about it. They have to run it win and know they can’t drop Rodgers back 40 times a game with his surrounding cast. The Packers still managed to win, thanks to Mike McCarthy one upping Lafluer on dumb decisions. They should’ve kicked the FG or punted, going for it was the worst choice.

The NFL is better when Rodgers and Brady are playing well on good teams. Say what you want about those two narcissistic egomaniacs, they sure hate to lose.

Add “seeing an NFL game in Germany” to the bucket list. Holy Schadenfraude, did that look like a party.

If you’re a new NFL head coach, with no coaching experience above high school, have your first game against the LV Raiders. God, they suck. I think I might’ve picked them to win the division. Let’s never talk about that again.

Speaking of terrible head coaches, the Giants really dodged a bullet when the Panthers outbid them for Marty Rhule. Well, I guess Joe Judge wasn’t much better. Buy hey, he didn’t cost as much.

I don’t care if Kadarius Toney is a superstar on the Chiefs. The Giants had to move on. Screw that guy.

Will the Week 16 Giants Vikings matchup be the second seed in the conference? Um, no. Why would you even ask that? Five of the Giants’ 8 remaining games are in division. I could see them finishing 4 and 4 or even 3 and 5. It would still be a successful season.

Ben Whitney

Terry McLaurin just made his 6th catch of the first half. They cut off the mic when he was berating the Eagles for trying to cover him with a safety. We need more live mics, not fewer.

Bonus: I’m pissed that I didn’t have Christian Watson as a bench stash on my fantasy teams. What unowned receiver has the talent, QB, and opportunity to make a bigger impact? The answer is none. None receivers.

Speaking of answers, come back tomorrow for a man who can’t explain Kirk Cousins, Angry Ward.

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